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Zac Hanson, Hurricane Chris Not Dead – Fake Death Reports Strike Jack Black Also

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Zac Hanson, Hurricane Chris Not Dead - Fake Death Reports Strike Jack Black Also
LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Zac Hanson, Hurricane Chris, and Jack Black are not dead. But fake death reports for all three celebrities are striking Saturday. While the source of the fake death report for Hurricane Chris remains unknown, Zac Hanson and Jack Black are falsely being reported dead by two different websites today. Fans are furious.
First, on December 1, a website posted a fake death report of Zac Hanson. The false Hanson report featured the erroneous and improper use of a notable celebrity news magazine and a legendary music producer. Neither have reported any such tale fabricated by the website today.
The website writes “… Magazine – Zac Hanson Dead”. The magazine has never reported that Hanson is dead. The bizarre and illogical report claims that Hanson was at his “estate” in “Michigan” today.  The report on its face is obviously fake and authored by someone uninformed about Hanson.
The fake report states “Family members found Hanson unresponsive and without a pulse early Saturday morning at his estate. ” The report adds “First responders were able to revive Hanson but sources close to the family suggest he died after being transported to the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor.”
The report even then uses Jermaine Dupri’s name. ” “First its Amy Winehouse then its little Zac Hanson, they grow up and die so fast” tweeted Jermaine Dupri, a lifelong friend of Zac Hanson. ” Zac Hanson is not dead, and Dupri did not tweet that message.
Fans fumed at the ridiculously false report. “That funny…cuz I just saw them perform at Jingle Jam in Indy…he seemed pretty alive to me.” Another called it the “this is the best [fabricated] article I’ve ever seen; my favorite part is that Zac and Jermaine Dupri are BFF’s. ”
Second, the origin of the fake Jack Black story is also revealed today. “Jack Black Falls to his Death in New Zealand” claims the infamous Global Associated today. For fans of Black, the New Zealand story might sound familiar. Global Associated has been falsely reporting Kauri Cliffs stories for years. The story is always the same. The tale features a celebrity hiking in New Zealand’s mountains, falling from the Kauri Cliffs, and the accident always happening at 4:30 am.
Finally, the source of the fake Hurricane Chris death reports is also unknown. But since 2007, fake Hurricane Chris stories have dominated news. They surfaced in January 2007, then December that year, and then continued most recently in May two years ago.
Hurricane Chris is best known for “A Bay Bay” , the 2007 release of his album 51/50 Ratchet. The album went to number two on U.S. Billboard Top Rap Albums and number twenty-four on the U.S. Billboard 200 that year.

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