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Remember those three scrawny skateboarding kids back in the 90’s that left a catchy LSS (last song syndrome) in our heads that took us weeks to finally shake off?
If you’re a certified Generation Xer, you must have sung or hummed Mmmbop at least once in your life after hearing the song played over and over on the radio, in your favorite malls and on MTV where you generally hung out after school. 
If you were a teeny or a twenty-something bopper when the group Hanson made a big splash in the music industry, you must have been one of those giggly kids who lined up to see them during gigs, concerts and promotional tours and screamed your hearts out when Taylor Hanson sung the line “Mmmbop” from the chorus of their more popular song entitled, what else, MMMBop.  You may even have had their faces tattooed on your back … well, let’s not go that far.
Except for Isaac Taylor who was born in 1980, the two Hanson members belong to Generation Y.  However, when the three brothers surprised the world in 1997 with their best-selling hit MMMBop, their youngest Gen X loyal and casual fans were most likely 16 years old. 
So, yes.  Screaming Gen X Hanson fans back then potentially and significantly existed.
The charismatic and talented Hanson brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Isaac, Taylor and Zach, started their career in music in 1992.  Before becoming a teen sensation in 1997 for their famous single MMMBop, the group has already come out with two independent albums Boomerang (1994) and MMMBop (1996).  
The group became a global sensation upon release of their first major-label album called Middle of Nowhere in May 1997 which sold 10 million copies across the globe.  The album carried the song MMMBop which tremendously helped the band achieve commercial success.  The group became so successful that Oklahoma declared May 6 as Hanson Day which their loyal fans still religiously observe on an annual basis.  On top of that, Hanson : The Official Book, the band’s biography, became #9 on the New York Times Bestsellers List for non-fiction in 1998.  Hanson also garnered 3 nominations at the 1998 Grammy Awards.  Since then, the group has embarked on numerous concerts that were mobbed by their fans.  They also released albums that were quite commercially successful. 
In 2000, the band encountered difficulty promoting their album because of issues with their record label which prompted the band to seek out other labels.  In 2004, they released their independent album called Underneath which shot up to #1 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums and sat at #25 on the Billboard 200 album chart upon release. The success of the album enabled Hanson to set out on tours anew to promote their brand of music.
The brothers also ventured in different solo projects within the decade.  Taylor, most notably joined a supergroup called Tinted Windows in 2009 which included members from iconic bands The Smashing Pumpkins, Cheap Trick and Fountains of Wayne.  In the process, Hanson released more albums and participated in a host of charitable projects.
Recently, the boys announced through Rolling Stone that they are coming up with a new brand, their very own BEER that will join their other existing merchandise including a board game and a record player to be released in 2012.  According to the group, they were prompted to create the new brand India Pale Ale called MMMHop for their fans so the latter can “have a greater experience.”
So there you go. 
Next year, you can enjoy a different experience with Hanson by drinking their beer which should be available anywhere with a bar and a corresponding bartender.  Good thing majority of the Hanson fans are of legal age by now.
If you are one of their loyal fans or just an adventurous beer taster who will try their new brand, just make sure you can pronounce the beer correctly and say it with conviction in the presence of your beer-drinking peers.  You gotta speak louder too so the bartender can understand you amidst the deafening music in the background. 
“Uhm …. Give me an MMMHop please.”
Just don’t be surprised if you get asked for your ID. 

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