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We wish you a Happy New Year! Glückliches neues Jahr! 새해 복 많이! Feliz año nuevo! Bonne année!

Let's welcome 2011!

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Theory of relativity

With many famous bands sporting family members, Sacha Molitoritz ponders why it works so well.

What do AC/DC have that Limp Bizkit lack? What have Oasis got that Poison don't?

Talent? Well, yes, but the answer we're after is siblings. Through the decades, more brothers can be found in the annals of rock than in Harlem or the Bronx. Sisters, too. And quite a few twins. This is more than coincidence; there are compelling reasons why siblings should excel at that ludicrous ''career'' known as rock'n'roll.

Not only do siblings share DNA but they are shaped by the same influences. ''I think the influence of the record collection, if you all grew up in a house listening to the same music, that's a huge thing,'' says the new head of contemporary music at the Sydney Opera House, Fergus Linehan.


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Also, siblings are particularly well-suited to weathering the highs and lows of the rock life.


''No matter how famous you get, if your brothers are in the band they're always going to tell you how stupid or ugly you are,'' Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon says.


Kings of Leon are a Nashville four-piece with three brothers: singer Caleb, bassist Jared and drummer Nathan. Guitarist Matthew is their cousin. Their bond is especially close because the brothers' childhood was spent travelling from tent to tent with their grandfather, a revivalist preacher.

''We had to be each others' best friends, whether we wanted to or not,'' Nathan said in 2009. ''I think that's what's enabled us to be a band of brothers and a cousin and still not kill each other.''


Not that they haven't tried. In 2009, there were reports of a punch-up between Matthew and Caleb after taunts that the cousin was always asked for autographs last.

''A band is a relationship and that relationship is very intense,'' says Stephen ''Pav'' Pavlovic, who runs Modular People, home of artists including brother-sister act the Bumblebeez. ''You need to have communication and understanding. It's like at Christmas where families get together and someone gets angry and walks out but then on Boxing Day they can all have lunch together again.


It's like that in bands. And with brothers, you're blood and that doesn't go away.''

Invariably, there are rivalries within bands and competition for the spotlight can be especially fierce.

There are two upsides, however: brothers tend to be well-practised at getting over their spats and their competitive streak can be a creative boon. Fraternal rivalry famously drove New Zealand's Finn brothers to write their best songs. Initially, Tim invited younger brother Neil to join Split Enz and later Neil reciprocated by inviting Tim to join Crowded House; later they formed Finn Brothers. But it wasn't all brotherly love. After one Byron Bay gig, the pair nearly came to blows.


''There is rivalry but it seems to work,'' Tim once said. ''Like when we get together and play we push each other because he digs what I do and I dig what he does, so there's a lot of respect. When we're together it's like fireworks, it just sparks.''

Sparks of aggro mixed with sparks of love. Presumably that's how it was in the Everly Brothers, the Pointer Sisters, the Jackson 5, Hanson and the Corrs.

In Australia, the sibling rockery extends from the Bee Gees to the Veronicas and includes the Triffids, the Sunnyboys, INXS, the Waifs and Jet.

In many cases, these bands have an uncanny ability to produce counter-melodies and interwoven rhythms that elevate songs to more than the sum of their parts. Often, there is a rich layering of vocal harmonies.


In the case of the National, there are the interlocking guitars and the subtle rhythms. A five-piece from Brooklyn, the National boast two pairs of brothers, including the Dessner twins, whose delicate pluckings require an interplay that suggests telepathy.

Twin brothers also feature in Blonde Redhead, a three-piece whose Japanese singer, Kazu Makino, used to date one twin but now dates the other. The 1980s pop confection known as Bros also boasted twins.

In any band, the rhythm section is the engine room. If bassist and drummer aren't working together, the band will bunny-hop and bumble. In the National, Bryan Devendorf plays drums and brother Scott plays bass. Their rhythms may be complex but they're seamless.


Seamless is not a word for Oasis, which combined Noel Gallagher's irresistible melodies with the nonchalant vocals of his brother, Liam. And his obnoxious antics.

''He's rude, arrogant, intimidating and lazy,'' Noel once said of his sibling. ''He's the angriest man you'll ever meet. He's like a man with a fork in a world of soup.''


Sometimes siblings tear strips off each other and sometimes they support each other. Whenever Gerard Way, lead singer of the emo five-piece My Chemical Romance, feels like crying, he can find the supportive shoulder of bass-playing brother Mikey. Whenever Jonny Greenwood, guitarist and knob-twiddler in experimental miserablists Radiohead, feels like a creep or loser, he can get a hug from bassist brother Colin.

Sadly, Richard Carpenter couldn't save his younger sister, Karen. As the Carpenters, the duo became one of the world's biggest music acts in the '70s, before Karen died in 1983 of heart failure after a tough battle with anorexia nervosa.


In 1973, the same year the Carpenters released their soft-rock hit Top of the World, two Aussie siblings named Angus and Malcolm Young were forming a band that was to be considerably louder. They named it AC/DC and their guitar interplay helped it to become one of the highest-grossing bands of all time. Twenty-seven years later, they're still sparking.


''We squabble but we come together in the music thing,'' Angus once said. ''We may have different interpretations of what we do but we both know at the end of the day that it's the result that counts. We'll sit and battle away but we probably get along better playing than we would if we were simply living together.''


Meanwhile, older brother George is involved, too. An ex-Easybeat, George co-produced several of AC/DC's best and biggest albums, helping to hone their seminal hard-rock sound. There were, by the way, eight Young siblings. Similarly, there were eight Davies siblings, including guitar-wielding brothers Ray and Dave, who formed the Kinks in 1964.



But Linehan says it's definitely no coincidence that so many bands have brothers and sisters.


''Bands are also just about grabbing whoever's nearest,'' he explains. ''When kids are playing guitar, they'll say [to each other], 'Here, this is a bass.'''


If a would-be band of teens needs someone to play or sing to complete the line-up, they're much more likely to enlist a younger brother than solicit a stranger in the street press. For fledgling rockers, the laziness factor should never be underestimated.

Hanson 2008

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Hanson on Animax (Latin America)

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Hanson & Nikki Reed

Check out this vBlog of HANSON & Nikki Reed (Twilight) at the Falls Church, Virgina show.

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Hanson Shopping Network


Check out this funny segment from the "Merry Christmas and a HANSON New Year - Christmas Special" Which will Re-stream Christmas Eve, stay tuned for stream times.

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New pictures!


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Merry Xtmas and a MMMbop New year! + Pic of the year!

We reached a very important time of the year. People are happy, they are buying gifts, decorating houses, waiting for Christmas Eve, listening to Snowed in non stop.

We from Hansonews have a lot of to thank this year. We had the release of aperfect album [SIO], the birth of a cute new Hanson member (Junia, welcome again!) many shows throughout NorthAmerica and etc... Not counting the live streams [EPIC!], photos, wonderful news and the brand new video clip from TBS.

Since we are on vacation and that during this time between Christmas and New Year, nothing major will happen in the Hanson's world (and if it happens, we are here to tell you everything!), we would like to thank our followers for all the love and support during this year, an important key to encourage us to be online all day for you.

I still remember, at the very beginning, when we mentioned that if 50 people were following us, would be more than deserved for us. And today, with nearly 750 ppl, a successfully web site with over 11 thousand visitors and after 5633 twits about Hanson, promotions, contests, friendships and of course... all the fun, it's time to announce the Picture of the year!

This photo is perfectly 2010. Shout it out + their funny clothes + the North American tour + Zac and his sense of humor and above all, the union of our favorite band (not to mention they are pretty handsome!) Hope you like it.

We are looking forward to 2011 and all the news we have to tell you. Changes to the site, more contests, more photos,more videos ... plus all that you know we love to do: be with you sharing the best part of Hanson, with everything that they taught us good. Merry Christmas and a MMMbop the New year!

Mari & Rô.

in portuguese:

Olá pessoal!
Chegamos a um momento muito importante do ano. As pessoas estão felizes, estão comprando presentes, enfeitando as casas, esperando a noite de natal e ouvindo Snowed in sem parar.

Nós do Hansonews temos muito a agradecer neste ano de 2010. Tivemos o lançamento de um CD perfeito, nascimento de mais um membro Hanson (welcome again Junia!) shows por toda américa do norte e etc.. Sem contar os Live streams [Épicos!], fotos, TBS video clip e novidades maravilhosas.

Considerando que estamos em férias e que durante este tempo entre Natal e Ano novo, pouca coisa vai acontecer no mundo Hanson (e se acontecer, estaremos aqui para contar a vocês!), gostaríamos de agradecer aos nossos seguidores por todo o carinho e apoio durante este ano, peça fundamental para nos incentivar a estar todos os dias online por vocês.

Eu ainda lembro, no começo de tudo, quando comentávamos que se 50 pessoas estivessem nos seguindo, seria mais do que merecíamos. E hoje, com quase 750, um site com sucesso com mais de 11 mil visitas e depois de 5633 twits sobre o Hanson, promoções, amizades e muita diversão, chegou a hora de anunciarmos a foto do ano.

Esta foto representa 2010 perfeitamente. Shout it out, as roupas engraçadas deles, a turnê pela América do norte, Zac e seu senso de humor e acima de tudo, a união da nossa banda favorita (sem contar que eles estão lindos!)

Estamos ansiosas por 2011 e todas as novidades que temos para contar a vocês. Mudanças no site, mais contests, mais fotos, mais vídeos... mais tudo aquilo que vocês já sabem que amamos fazer: estar com vocês dividindo a melhor parte do Hanson, com tudo aquilo que eles nos ensinaram de bom. Feliz Natal and a MMMbop New year!

Mari & Rô

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Picture of the day! *-*

Confessions of a Taylor Hanson Fan - What Justin Bieber Fans Will Experience in 10 years

If you ask any of my friends to name one thing they remember about me from my teenage years, I guarantee you the one thing they'll say is that I was an obsessed Hanson fan. What exactly defines obsessed? Does having every book, every movie, knowing every song, seeing them in concert at least five times, having no bare walls in my bedroom, and crying when they lost at The Grammys, sound obsessed? Like many other teen girls at the time, I was freaking obsessed.

From the beginning of the teen heartthrob frenzy, like back in the days of The Beatles, there has been hair pulling, waiting in lines for days just to get good concert seats, tour bus chasing, buying albums on release days, and ripping out posters from basically every teen magazine out there. I did my fair share of these things when it came to Ike, Tay, and Zac. Now, 10 years later, Hanson isn't on top like they used to be. It makes me wonder when I see artists like Justin Bieber with careers similar to Hanson's, how many teen sensations are still as huge today, as they once were a few years ago?

It's not that big of an argument to say that Justin Bieber basically owns the world right now. But what about his future -- is there a possibility his fame will die out one day?

Being the old Hanson fan I am, I went to their concerts in Falls Church, Virginia to investigate. I thought maybe talking to their other fans could help me get a glimpse of what a Justin Bieber concert might be like in 10 years.

When I got to the State Theater, the first thing I saw was "Hanson" lit up on the marquee outside. Next, I noticed the long line of girls waiting alongside the venue. After I glanced at them, I instantly flashed back to when I was thirteen going to see Hanson with my mom. I couldn't believe that now (I'm almost done with college and they all are married and have kids), I'm still going to see them play and that there are others here too.

The line was pretty long and it was only 4PM (the doors weren't supposed to open until 6PM). I was curious what time the girls who were in the front of the line got there, so I talked to them.

"We got here at noon yesterday!," said 18 year-old Alisha Kim from Germantown, Maryland. "I've seriously loved them since I was eleven." Then I asked her about Justin Bieber, and if she thought the frenzy of fans he has now is similar to that of Hanson's back in the day.

"I'm not really into Bieber," she said, "but I do think his fans love him as much as we love Hanson. I see my younger self in Bieber fans, especially when I see them chasing him and freaking out when someone mentions his name. We used to do that too."

To wait for an entire day, you must be a pretty serious fan. Not sure if I'd do that...for anyone.

Karina Smith, 18, from Fairfax, Va., said that she has always been a huge Hanson fan as well and that she loved them simply for their music. When I asked her about Bieber she said that she doesn't mind him but that she doesn't think he has what it takes to be like Hanson in the long run. "Hanson are real artists, they write their own songs and play their own instruments. I'm not sure if Justin's fans are really into him for his talent or just because he's cute."

I talked to about three other girls and they all said that if Beliebers really like Justin for his music, then in ten years they will still be camping out and waiting to see him in concert too.

"It's all about the music connection," said 19-year-old Hanson fan Skylar Miller. "If Bieber fans just like him because he's attractive, then they won't be there when he gets married and starts a we are for Hanson."

Soon the doors to the venue opened. Inside was a cluster of twenty-something females wearing old Hanson t-shirts from their 'Middle of Nowhere' days. Some were wearing some new ones too.

The men came out and there were instant screams from the crowd, although they weren't as piercing as they used to be back in the day. Hanson opened with a newbie, 'Waiting For This' and then sang a few other new song too. Then came the older songs. The fans seemed to love the older songs more and they went crazy, I did too, when they played 'Minute Without You,' 'Penny And Me,' 'Where's The Love?,' and of course 'MMMBop.'

All in all, the brothers' performance was amazing as always. When I used to leave their shows I couldn't think of anything but of how cute they are. This time around, I realized that they are seriously a talented group of guys. They kept the crowd on their feet the entire night.

I wasn't sure how this show was going to be but it actually made me appreciate them as a band and let me see that they are not just a group of pretty faces. Honestly, I think that's why the Hanson fans are still around today.

If Justin Bieber continues to make good music and music that his fans appreciate, then I think he will have no problem when he gets older. In ten years he might not sell out shows like he was able to do before, but he'll still be able to put his music out there and make money doing what he loves to do. One thing people have to remember is that when the artist(s) get older, the fans get older too. It's not about being the one who is going to marry Bieber. I honestly thought I was going to marry Taylor Hanson, and you can see that obviously didn't happen. Even if Bieber is married and has kids one day, if his fans are truly his fans then they will be rocking out with him for years to come... just like us Hanson fans.

What do you think, will Bieber's fans still love him in the years to come? Let us know and click here to see what a day in the life of Hanson is really like. 

KHITS jingle ball


credits to owner

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Setlist OK City 12/17

1. Waiting For This
2. Where's the Love
3. Been There Before
4. Penny & Me
5. A Minute Without You
6. Go
7. Crazy Beautiful
8. I Will Come To You
9. Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
10. MMMBop
11. Give A Little
12. Lost Without Each Other
13. Merry Christmas Baby
14. Run Rudolph Run

Thanks to @Lorin_11

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Zac Hanson Welcomes New Baby - enews



Zac Hanson Welcomes Daughter Junia to Expanding Hanson Family

While many still think of Hanson as the 'MMMBop' boy band from the 1990s, the guys have long since grown up and now have boys -- and girls -- of their own. Drummer Zac Hanson was just 11 when the group first broke onto the music scene but, obviously, has come a long way since then.

At age 25, Zac has been married for four years and, earlier this week, welcomed his second child, daughter Junia Rose Ruth, to the fold. Along with his son, Shephard, that brings the total Hanson boys' offspring to eight. And growing. Zac's wife, Kate, told People Magazine that "We're three distinct families but people want to group us together." Hanson, who still tour as a group, are said to bring their respective clans with them on the road.

Watch Hanson's career-making 'MMMBop' video after the jump.

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Nasce filha de Zac, da banda Hanson

Nasceu na última quarta-feira, dia 15, a filha de Zac Hanson com sua mulher Kate.

O irmão mais novo da banda Hanson, deu nome de Junia Rosa Ruth. O primeiro filho do casal é Shepherd, de apenas dois anos.

Em entrevista à revista People, ele falou sobre a sua emoção: "Não poderíamos imaginar um presente de natal melhor do que essa doce menininha".

Nasce Junia, filha do baterista Zac Hanson

O baterista da banda Hanson, Zac Hanson, teve um presente extra de Natal. Ele e sua mulher, Kate, deram às boas vindas à sua segunda filha, Junia Rosa Ruth, nesta quarta-feira (15), publicou nesta sexta (17) a revista People.

Junia já tem um irmãozinho, Shepherd, de dois anos e meio, e vários primos. Taylor, irmão de Zac tem quatro crianças, enquanto Isaac tem duas.

Zac falou à publicação que não poderia esperar presente de natal melhor do que Junia, uma doce menina. Ele acrescentou que aproveitará as festas de fim de ano para apresentá-la à família.

Nasce a filha de Zac Hanson com sua mulher, Kate

'Não poderíamos imaginar um presente de natal melhor do que essa doce menininha', disse Hanson à "People".

Nasceu nesta quarta-feira, 15, Junia Rosa Ruth, filha de Zac Hanson com sua mulher, Kate.

O baterista da banda "Hanson" falou à revista "People" sobre a emoção de ser pai pela segunda vez.

"Não poderíamos imaginar um presente de natal melhor do que essa doce menininha", disse Zac.

Pelo visto, Junia vai ter muitos amiguinhos para brincar: Zac e Kate também são pais de Shepherd, de dois anos. E os irmãos do baterista não ficam para traz. Taylor tem quatro e Isaac tem dois filhos.

Quando questionada sobre a fertilidade dos irmãos Hanson e todas essas crianças na família, Kate afirmou que não há nada de anormal com os Hanson: "Sinceramente, nós somos normais. Somos três famílias distintas, mas as pessoas querem nos agrupar".



Youngest Hanson brother welcomes a baby girl

Baby Junia is the second child for Zac and wife Kate

The littlest MmmBopper, Zac Hanson, is all grown up and he has the ever-growing family to prove it.

The 25-year-old former pop wunderkind welcomed his second child, a daughter, with wife Kate on Wednesday, bringing Hanson's total number of progeny to a whopping eight, thanks to Isaac's two and Taylor's four.

As for the newest bundle of joy, well, drumroll please for the naming reveal...

Zac and Kate welcomed daughter Junia Rosa Ruth this week, who tipped the scales at a healthy 8-pounds, 7-ounces.

"We couldn't imagine a better Christmas gift than this sweet little girl," Zac told People of the latest delivery.

"In just the short time she's been here, she's enriched our family and our lives beyond measure. We're looking forward to celebrating the season with our family and introducing her to everyone."

Little Junia joins older brother Shepherd in the musically-inclined brood, who's already two-and-a-half years old. Congrats!

Josh Turner, Zac Hanson welcome new additions, 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood not pregnant

Josh-turner-getty.jpgThird time's a charm for country crooner Josh Turner and his wife, Jennifer. The couple received an early Christmas present with the birth of their third son, Crawford Marion, on Monday (Dec. 13). Marion, as he will be called, joins big brothers Colby Lynch, 18 months, and Hampton Otis, 4 years. [People]

Contrary to tabloid reports, "Teen Mom's" Amber Portwood is not expecting a second child. "The rumors are absolutely false, I'm not pregnant," she says. "I have no plans to have more kids anytime soon." After living apart from her daughter Leah for several weeks (Portwood's home had been hounded by photographers), she was reunited with her 2-year-old in early December. [Us Weekly]
Former teen heartthrob Zac Hanson and wife Katie welcomed their second child on Wednesday, a daughter named Junia Rose Ruth. "In just the short time she's been here, she's enriched our family and lives beyond measure," the bro band drummer says. Despite the clan's rapid expansion (Junia makes eight for the next generation of Hansons), Zac jokes "we have no intention to battle the Osmonds ... they can keep the crown." [People]
DMX is heading to prison for one year. The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, had his probation revoked after failing to submit to drug testing and driving with a suspended license. Simmons was placed on probation after throwing a food tray at a jail guard, as well as attempting to use a fake name in order to avoid paying a $7,500 hospital bill. [Associated Press]

Zac Hanson Welcomes a Daughter

It's a girl for Zac Hanson.

The youngest Hanson brother and his wife, Kate, welcomed daughter Junia Rosa Ruth on Wednesday, People reports.

"We couldn't imagine a better Christmas gift than this sweet little girl," Hanson tells the magazine. "In just the short time she's been here, she's enriched our family and our lives beyond measure. We're looking forward to celebrating the season with our family and introducing her to everyone."

Junia, who weighed in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces, won't be short of playmates. She joins big brother Shepherd, 2, and six cousins in the extended Hanson clan.

Oldest Hanson bro Isaac, 30, and wife Nikki, 27, have two sons, Everett, 3, and Monroe, 2, while Taylor Hanson, 27, and wife Natalie, 26, are parents to sons Ezra, 8, River, 4, Viggo, 2, and daughter Penelope, 5.

Zac Hanson, 25, and Kate, 27, have been married for four years.

Zac Hanson & Wife Welcome Daughter Junia

Zac Hanson & Wife Welcome Daughter Junia

Christmas came early for musician Zac Hanson and his wife Kate!

The couple welcomed daughter Junia Rosa Ruth on Wednesday, December 15. The baby weighed in at 8lbs 7oz.

Junia, who joins big brother Shepherd, 2 1/2, is already fitting right in at the Hanson home.

"In just the short time she's been here, she's enriched our family and our lives beyond measure," Zac, 25, tells People. "We're looking forward to celebrating the season with our family and introducing her to everyone."

"We couldn't imagine a better Christmas gift than this sweet little girl."

Congratulations to Zac, Kate and family on their new arrival!

Zac Hanson, Wife Kate Welcome Baby #2!

Zac Hanson and his wife Kate welcomed their second child, daughter Junia Rosa Ruth, on Wednesday. Zac is a member of the band ... wait for it ... Hanson.

"In the short time she's been here, she's enriched our family and our lives beyond measure," he says of Junia, who joins two-year-old brother Shepherd.

Zac and Kate Hanson

Congratulations to the parents, Zac and Kate!

Baby Junia and little Shepherd have a bunch of Hanson cousins, as well. Zac's brother and bandmate Taylor has four kids while Isaac has two.

The drummer for the family band adds that "We're looking forward to celebrating the season with our family and introducing her to everyone."

MTV Buzzworthy: Star Spotting: Hanson In Ugly Christmas Sweaters

So, these picture exist. Just in case you were feeling lethargic and were looking for a pick-me-up, we found these totally random Terry Richardson-esque pictures of Hanson donning their finest (?) holiday apparel. Their really authentic holiday apparel. Um, you're welcome?

We love how the "Thinking' 'Bout Somethin'" guys have each interpreted their sweaters: Zac Hanson (left) looks genuinely cheesy, and Isaac Hanson (right) looks totally ridiculous, but we just have to ask--what's Taylor Hanson doing trying to spruce up that hideous Christmas vest? Adding a scarf? And a cool button-down? That is not how one wears an ugly Christmas sweater, Taylor! You can't be cool and have snowmen on your vest. It's one or the other.

Our friends over at MTV Style have written at length about the pros and cons of the Ugly Christmas Sweater. My favorite part about an ugly Christmas sweater is that you don't have to go far to get one (i.e. your mom's closet). The worst part? They're disgusting.

What do you guys think? Are you over the "irony" of ugly Christmas sweaters or are they still hilarious?

It's a Girl for Zac Hanson

Zac Hanson got an early holiday present on Wednesday – and it was exactly what he was hoping for.

The Hanson drummer and his wife Kate welcomed their second child, daughter Junia Rosa Ruth, who arrived at 8 lbs., 7 oz. "We couldn't imagine a better Christmas gift than this sweet little girl," Hanson, 25, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"In just the short time she's been here, she's enriched our family and our lives beyond measure," he adds. "We're looking forward to celebrating the season with our family and introducing her to everyone."

Baby Junia joins brother Shepherd, 2½, and a half-dozen cousins ranging from age 2 to 8: Zac's brother and bandmate Taylor has four kids while Isaac has two.

"We have no intentions to battle the Osmonds in any way," Zac has joked about his extended family's brood (who have joined the group on tour). "They can have the crown."

Adds Kate of the "super-fertile" Hanson headlines, "Honestly, we're pretty normal. We're three distinct families but people want to group us together!"

But as a band that's been performing together for well over a decade, it's difficult not to: Hanson just finished a sold-out tour to support their fifth studio album Shout It Out, which produced a hit video for the single "Thinking 'Bout Something".

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Hanson's Top Holiday Traditions

VH1 Holidays 2010: Hanson's Top Holiday Traditions

Check out Hanson's Top Holiday Traditions : 

Zac & Taylor


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Michael Jackson Penned a Tune For Hanson

By Lenni Rosenblum, Tue., Dec. 14 2010 @ 3:26PM

At some point in time, Michael Jackson wrote a song for Hanson, according to ShowBiz 411.

The song was written for them to play, not in their honor. Jackson never actually gave the song he wrote for Hanson to them. He intended to send it to the 90s boy band but never did. It must have been stashed away and was eventually forgotten.

You can hear the track, entitled "(I Like) The Way You Love Me" on Michael Jackson's new posthumous album, which comes out tomorrow. The album, Michael, is comprised of some of Jackson's solo tracks, as well as collaborative tracks with Lenny Kravitz, 50 Cent and Akon. Despite some songs sounding like they weren't recorded by MJ himself, I'm really looking forward to the new album.

More daily music news and gossip after the jump...

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Consequence of Sound: Ja Rule Sentenced to Two Years in Prison
Paste: Coldplay Reveals Concept Album Details
Billboard: George Clinton Sues Black Eyed Peas Over Song Sample
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Hanson and their Sweaters



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Isaac picture!




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New pictures


Michael Jackson Wrote Song on New Album for… Hanson!

By: Roger Friedman in Music // December 10th, 2010 at 11:43 PM UTC

Yes, it ’tis true.

Try and recall 1999. Hanson was the ruling pop group, sort of three Biebers, if you will.

Michael Jackson was writing songs slowly for the album that became “Invincible.”

Now I’m told by a source who knows such things that Jackson wrote a song for Hanson. He simply never gave it to them. And the demo went into a drawer.

“I Like The Way You Love Me” turns up for real, for the first time, on the “Michael” album coming out on Tuesday. A prior version had floated around among Jackson fans, but the new one was produced and remixed for the new album.

Michael, according to my source, had the idea for Hanson. He wrote the song but never got around to sending it to them, I am told. Maybe they can record it now.

Here’s the existing version, until the new one is released:

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Ryan Gosling: Hanson contaminate my Christmas

Ryan Gosling’s love for the holiday season has been “contaminated” by his mother’s fondness for a Hanson Christmas album.

The 30-year-old Canadian actor loves returning home to spend the festive period with his family, and is looking forward to this year’s holidays.

Nonetheless, Ryan admits there is one thing which bugs him about going home for Christmas – his mother’s love of American group Hanson’s album Snowed In, which was released in 1997.

Ryan’s mother became an instant fan of the yuletide record made by brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and has been playing it ever since to get into the Christmas spirit.

“[My Christmas] is contaminated. My mother loves that Hanson Christmas record,” he laughed in an interview with Extra.

Ryan says his mother plays the album “on a loop”, and despite finding it rather irritating, the heartthrob admits he is rather partial to the songs himself. For Ryan, the album is the first thing that comes to mind when he thinks of the holidays.

“It’s all I can think of for Christmas, I love it,” he teased.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

New Isaac Picture


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