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Hanson's "Shout It Out" Tour Diary: Part VI

By Taylor Hanson

We've covered a lot of ground on the last stretch of the SIO Tour and had some great shows. During this run I think we officially began to feel the change of season, with the first sign of the changing leaves and a touch of crisp fall air coming down the pike. The artist in me especially loves the change of season, but it is a bittersweet ending to a great summer that has taken us all over the country. One thing that has kept the tour interesting has been throwing in some livestreams for fanclub members only and some for everybody. We especially had a good time with our new friends, A Rocket To The Moon, who are out on the road with us. They joined us on stage for the final encore in Spokane to kick out a ruckus cover of "Long Way To The Top." Peppered into this week's snapshots are a few from the onstage ensemble, as well as various out-the-window landscapes, backstage moments, and a few long-exposure shots from a stop into the studio with our friend John Goodmanson in Seattle. John is working on mixing our epic five-disc DVD set for release this fall. There's a bit of everything in this, I might still be guilty of takig more shots of scenery than humans, but I guess sometimes the scenery is the best part of the journey.

The Road Goes on --Taylor H 

This story was published on Oct. 26, 2010

To see other pictures, click here!

a lot of pictures! :)


Hanson to 'Shout it Out' at House of Blues

We talk to Taylor Hanson about the group's evolution since 'MMMBop'

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
By Hunter Hauk,

Folks who haven't paid attention to Oklahoma trio Hanson since the '90s have missed out on a little bit of music-biz drama and quite a few solid pop-rock tunes.

Two major-label albums followed the hugely successful 1997 single "MMMBop," which made Tulsa brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson child stars. But as the songwriting siblings went from boys to men, they began to find themselves at odds with their label's expectations.

"I don't think they knew what exactly they wanted us to sound like or be, but they wanted us to be a guarantee," Taylor, the 27-year-old middle brother and primary singer, told us in a recent phone chat. "We reached a point where we just had to grab it by the horns and embrace all the qualities that defined us as a band. Despite the fact that we don't sleep a lot now, I feel proud of the last seven or eight years."

What the Hansons have done with those years is impressive: They negotiated their way out of their contract with Island Def Jam, started an indie label called 3CG and went on to self-release three well-received albums. The latest is this year's soulful, R&B-tinged disc Shout It Out.

You may have seen the brothers and several hometown friends doing silly Blues Brothers-style choreography in the recent video for the infectious single "Thinkin' Bout Something."

"The song and the video – there's no question we were making a statement with it," Taylor said. "We like to take risks. We've never been accused of being offensive or anything. [Laughs.] But we're always into doing something that nobody else is doing."

Taylor and his bros will be playing many of the tunes from Shout It Out when their tour comes to House of Blues on Monday.

"This record was recorded live off the floor – the last three records we've made have been going in that direction," Taylor said. "So this show is the most true to the recording itself that we've done, probably.

"That said, we change up the show a lot. We've always pulled from older records and never shied away from playing classics."

For anyone who still has trouble considering the Hanson brothers grownups, it might help to know that they're all husbands and fathers now. Taylor has four young children.

"I'd like to say that I am a super parent, but my wife is an extraordinary person who allows me to be gone and be committed to our business," he said. "We try to have our cake and eat it too. It's a little crazy, though."


With Jarrod Gorbel and Jaci & Those Guys. Monday at 8 p.m. at House of Blues. 2200 N. Lamar St. $20-$39.50. 1-800-745-3000. Hear music at

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Helpfull Hint's For REFRESHING

With the REFRESH campaign back in full swing I have seen a lot of questions like these. Why are we REFRESHING, or What is REFRESHING?

What is RERFESHING?  When we ask people to REFRESH, we are asking them to help accumulate views for a video, and in this case the "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" music video.  You can REFRESH by watching it yourself, telling a friend, sharing it on a blog, or standing on a street corner while yelling at strangers.  Maybe a REFRESHING party could be planned, where people bring laptops and sit there continually reloading the "TBS" video while the host walks around yelling at them, "REFRESH FASTER!!!"

Why do we REFRESH?  Well, when we get the views up of a video, it is more likly to come up in a search.  When a lot of people are watching the video at once, the video might end up in the most viewed videos of the day and be exposed to more people who don't know they want to watch the new HANSON video.

To be fair, it is more than that.  It also brings the community together when we are all working towards a commont goal, making it a more fun place to spend time as we wait for the video to load again.  I found a post in the H.NET forums about some of the best ways to refresh that I thought I would share.   And, if you leave this page open, you can REFRESH While you sleep!

Hanson Answer Fans' Questions, Give Away 'Shout It Out' Tour Tickets

On Nov. 1, Hanson will be kicking off the third leg of their tour in support of the album 'Shout It Out' with opening act Jarrod Gorbel (the Honorary Title). Check out the full list of tour dates, and if you want a pair of tickets to one of the upcoming concerts, enter to win here by Friday, Oct. 29 at 11:59PM EST.

To go along with the tour ticket giveaway, we sent questions from @aolmusic's and @hansonmusic's Twitter followers over to Taylor Hanson, who briefed us on the 'Shout It Out' tour, which Hanson song he wants to see on 'Glee,' and the band's plans for the holidays and beyond. Read on to find out if your question was answered.

What's been your favorite part about the 'Shout It Out' tour so far? (via @jediknightrac)

The amazing crowds who have come out, and some of the antics on stage with A Rocket to the Moon (@ARTTM).

How old were you guys when you first start playing instruments? I'm 15 and I wanna play guitar like Isaac someday. (via @beLEEveANDREW)

Isaac was nine, I (Taylor) was seven and Zac was six, I believe. You can never start too early. Good luck!

Are your children as musically inclined as you, and would you encourage or discourage them pursuing music? (via @firstworldwhine)

All our kids are somewhat musical; if they really want to do music, we will be there to support them.

If 'Glee' asked to do one of your songs, would you say yes? (via @rockalone1985)

We LOVE 'Glee.' Getting any song would be great. Special picks: 'Give A Little,' 'Voice In the Chorus' or 'MMMBop.'

When can we expect to see the 'Give a Little' music video? (via @hansonews)

Not until next year, 2011.

Do you have any phobias? (via @issey0413)

Stupid people.

Taylor: Where do you shop? Great style. (via @Mikee21)

I have a lot of fave designers. On the top of my list is also a friend, Steven Alan. I love his iconic American style.

With all the songs you cover on tour, would you consider making a covers album? (via @princesschick01)

We have talked about doing a covers album for years. I am sure it will happen -- on "Hanson time."

What are your Halloween costumes going to be? (via @spelledAISAH)

Fan club members on can watch and find out during our Halloween live stream:!

Would you consider doing another Christmas album in the future? (via @Meganator81)

Making the Christmas album was one of our favorite things to do. We would love to do it again.

The tour will be ending, a new album was recently released. What's next for Hanson? (via @jerzshortstuff)

There are a lot more things planned for 2011, including a new single. Lots of stuff ahead!

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REFRESH!!! For Christmas

So a few days ago I challenged you, our fans to get the Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ music video to 1.9 million views on MySpace by my birthday (October 22nd). If you reached that goal I would agree to let Taylor smash a cake in my face and aLive stream it on H.NET

Well we did reach that goal, and last night at 7:00PM CST I was ingloriously welcomed into my quarter life crises (I turned 25).  Before the stream was over we offered up a new challenge. 

Challenge: Get the Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ music video to 1 million views on YouTube, and 2 million on MySpace before thanksgiving (November 25)

Reward: We will aLive stream a brand new Hanson Christmas special.

Let’s get this party started, tell your friends, tell your enemy’s, and most importantly tell your local government representatives it is time to put operation REFRESH into action. REFRESH!!!

MOE Confirmations - Batch #3

Here is the 3rd list of those confirmed for the Members Only Event in Tulsa thus far. If your username is not on this list or on the previous list, you have not yet been confirmed.

Batch #3 confirmed usernames for Tulsa MOE, Oct 31, 2010. More confirmations will be issued next week. If you have any questions, please email



When: November 5 : 7 p.m.
Price: $31.70
Event Phone Number: 727-895-3045
State Theatre
687 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Remember jamming out to MMmmbop with the Hanson brothers?  Well, you can do it again.  These brothers have grown up, cut their hair, and really grown musically.  Check out these brothers at the State Theatre.

Parking: Nearby and Street Parking Difficult

Hours: 7 p.m.
Alcohol: Full Bar
Admission Price: $31.70 general admission
Music Style: Pop
Audience: All Ages

Atmosphere and Personality: Bustling, Dive, and High Energy
Noise Level: Bustling
Features: Entertainment and Live Performances
Payment Methods: Cash, Debit Cards, and Major Credit Cards
Outdoor Seating: No

Q&A: Isaac Hanson

The oldest Hanson bro tells about his younger years, working as a family, and music (of course!)

Oklahoma brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, were practically born in the spotlight, shooting to fame in 1996 with their hit "MMMBop" off their Middle of Nowhere album. At the ripe ages of 12, 14, and 17, the boys had already sold 10 million copies worldwide with fans all over the world. Within two years, the band was nominated for three Grammy Awards and embarked upon a highly successful concert tour. The talented trio has maintained much appreciation and longevity in the industry nearly a decade and a half later, just releasing their fifth studio album in June of this year. I had the lucky fortune of chatting with Isaac about his upcoming Tampa show, current music, and relationship with his fans. Here's just some of our interview:

I know right after your show locally, you’re heading to Epcot’s Food & Wine Fest to perform as part of the Eat to the Beat series. I was just there for my first time last week and pretty much ate my weight in’s awesome. Tell me you’ll get a chance to snag some food and check out the event?

I’m sure we will do all of that. We’ve been to Disney with the kids before, with our little ones, but, have never done anything quite like what we’re gonna do there. So, it’s going to be an interesting experience.

So, let’s talk some music…When you guys first started out thirteen years ago, and released Middle of Nowhere, you were really young—in your teens, young teens, but had one of the biggest debut singles of all time, and a bazillion screaming fans—which I may or may not have been one of. But, I can’t even begin to image…what was that success like for you just starting out? What are some of the craziest fan experiences you’ve had?

Well, like any band or anybody trying to be successful at a job…having a successful single, having everyone know your name, know your music, and singing it back to you (and there are thousands of them around the world)…I would say our first general reaction to it was immense enthusiasm because we had been hoping for a success and a potential career in music. And, that was becoming a reality…constantly pinching yourself and reminding yourself that this could go as fast as it came so you better do everything you can do preserve it and be grateful to those that have put you there, namely your fans. And, do your best to express that as often as you can.

Crazy fan experiences? I mean, yeah...we’ve gotten the classic stuff of people breaking into hotel rooms and things of that nature…mobs of people chasing after you and potentially life-threatening scenarios.

That's scary. It's hard enough to comprehend for artists who have been in the biz who are used to it (if you can get used to it), but all that attention at 12 and 14 years old is insane.

It was an insane experience. But, at the same time I think there was a degree to which (as weird as this might sound), we were as psychologically prepared for that as we could be, from two points of view. One: I think we just had a very clear understanding and focus on why we were there in the first place and that on some level or another the enthusiasm and excitement was just an ancillary reaction. And, ultimately their reaction to you was based on music you were making and you doing your job well. And, so you need to be continuously focused on maintaining what got you there in the first place.

And, then the other thing was that we had unusual experiences like that as we were beginning in our early years doing local performances where you would start to get unusual reactions, particularly from girls--who would start screaming and getting all crazy. So on some level or another, there was a degree to which we had someone similar experiences early on and so we were able to keep our wits about us without getting too insane. All that being said, it was pretty overwhelming.
Well, obviously you love your fans, because you guys actually invited some to be in your video ‘Thinking ‘Bout Something.’ Tell us about that.

We were making our music video for the song ‘Thinking ‘Bout Something’ back in March and we sent out the APV to our fan base that said ‘look, we’re making this music video’ and all we had to say was here’s the location, it involves dancing and show up if you can. We gave them about 3 or 4 days notice. We were filming it in downtown Tulsa where we’re from and the video was an homage to a scene from the movie the Blues Brothers where Ray Charles breaks into song and then the Blues Brothers band breaks into song with him. So, then we needed an outside dancing street scene and invited whoever would show up to the video shoot. And, we had tons and tons of people there surrounding the set as well as 400 or so in the street dancing in the scene. It was a really cool experience.

It was our first experience dancing on film too. We never really quite thought we would find ourselves in that position and we had a lot of fun doing it. If you’re going to dance in a film or music video, then, that’s the best context to do it in.
And that song is part of your newest studio album, Shout It Out, which was released this past June. What has some of the feedback been that you’ve heard?

Well, generally, the feedback has been really, really positive. I think we’ve got some attention from people and heads turning in places that we didn’t expect. And, a lot of opportunities to be on TV and play the song…people were really reacting to the song and liking what we put down on record. I would say generally speaking, the reaction has been really positive from the fan base as a whole and random people who haven’t been particularly familiar with what we’ve been doing over the years as well. We’re still working the record and we expect to be releasing another single at some point, but we’re still touring here in the US up until November.

Yeah, it seems like this album in particular drew from some moments of real inspiration and there is some real soulful rhythm there.

Oh yeah, the record is a really rhythmic record from top to bottom. It’s probably one of the most upbeat records we’ve made. It’s still kinda this organic/soulful,/pop of some sort. It’s always weird to describe your own music in some form. And, it’s hard to describe music in words too because everyone’s take on music is slightly different anyway. If you say Hanson to one person and they think “MMMBop” and you say Hanson to another person and they think “Penny and Me.” So, that perspective on your own music is different. But, it definitely has some elements of 60s soul and R&B and elements of singer/songwriter stuff from the 60s and 70s as well…and a consistent twist of Hanson harmony and stuff that is reminiscent of things that people are familiar with us from the last thirteen years.

Music is clearly in your blood and it seems like sort of your destiny to perform, and again it’s hard to imagine the last few decades have flown by and you’ve all managed to get married and have a bunch of babies. Taylor, is up to baby number four. You have to be breeding some musical talent over there. Have any of your children picked up a musical instrument yet?

I don’t know. You know, it’s funny because as a culture I think we’ve sort of moved away from trades as a business…and like you said, it is only natural that your children would have music skills, tendencies, and talents. Is it for sure that they would take on music as a career? I don’t know. The other thing is too (especially in music and rock and roll) it’s particularly hard, I think, for artists who were the children of other musicians to cut their own path and be taken seriously. Or, for people to be listening to them based on their own merit. So, that is a little tricky. But, you know what? If our kids seem like they really have it in them and really want it, we certainly wouldn’t discourage it. But, at the same time, I think thrusting them into the limelight isn’t our goal either. They have to figure it out for themselves and know what they’re getting themselves into on some level.

So, we won’t expect an album from them soon then.

No, not likely. Taylor’s older kids have shown some signs of musical talent definitely, but it’s hard to say for sure. My kids are only 3 and 2 so it’s hard to say just yet, how musical they really are.

Speaking of family and brotherhood, do you think it has been a benefit to you guys to have that relationship…there doesn’t seem to be too many bands (you know, the Jonas Brothers, Allman brothers, whoever else that have that connection). Have there been times where you really wanted to claw each other’s eyes out or has it just been a great thing?

It’s been a really good thing. What I would say is talk to somebody who’s been married for thirteen years and ask them in-depth questions about their relationship. And, what they’ll probably say is that there have been good times and bad times, moments where they’ve wanted to claw each other’s eyes out, and moments where they were the best thing that ever happened to them. So, it’s always that kind of ebb and flow. Being in a band is a relationship and a business partnership.

***Catch the Hanson brothers on November 5th at 7 p.m. at the State Theatre***

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Happy 25th birthday, Zac Hanson! My teen idol is all grown up

by Catherine Fuentes

Today, my first true celebrity crush, Zac Hanson, turns 25. In 1997 when I first became obsessed with a fan of Hanson, I couldn’t imagine the day when Zac Hanson would turn 25, but I’m sure if I did, I figured I’d be commemorating it somehow. (An extra special unrelated 1997 nostalgia treat: Today I heard “We’ve Got It Going On” by the Backstreet Boys as I bought lunch. It’s like all the late ’90s teeny bopper cosmos are aligning today — I feel I need to dig out some butterfly hair clips to appropriately celebrate.)

In fact, the first issue of EW that I ever remember buying was back in the summer of 1997, when Hanson first graced the cover. I remember racing home, reading the article about a dozen times, taping the cover of the three awkward long blond haired boys somewhere on my bedroom wall, and making a promise to myself that one day I’d write about Hanson for Entertainment Weekly. (This is, in fact, a totally true story, and no, I am not getting misty-eyed out of nostalgia at my desk. I’m just dealing with seasonal allergies).

Just as Zac’s hairstyle has thankfully changed over the years and gotten more mature, so too has the sound of Hanson’s music. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly miss the days where I actually wore out my first copy of Middle of Nowhere from too much use, but I’m pleased that Zac and his brothers are still making music that’s better suited to my more evolved tastes. Need a refresher course in Zac over the years? Check out the little moppet playing the drums in 1997′s “MMMBop” and then watch him in this spring’s buzzed-about dance-in-the-streets worthy “Thinking ‘Bout Something.” Do you miss old-school Hanson, PopWatchers?

KISS Kringle Ball 2010

Friday December 17th, 2010 starring Oklahoma's Own HANSON at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. Also appearing: Guster plus Ryan Star & Hedley

Tickets on sale Friday 10/22/10. Tickets start at $19, plus fees, and go on sale 5 p.m. Friday via Reasor’s and Starship in Tulsa, or Buy For Less in Oklahoma City, or call (866) 977-6849.
Doors open 6:30 p.m. Dec. 17, showtime 7:30 p.m.

Zactober's day!

              Finally the most awaited day arrived from Zactober! Today our kid is turning 25 and  he still continues to be our baby. Let's celebrate it by singing!

Why do birds suddenly appear

Every time you are near?

Just like me, they long to be

Close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky

Every time you walk by?

On the day that you were born

and the angels got together

And decided to create a dream come true

So they sprinkled moon dust

in your hair of gold

And starlight in your eyes of
blue brown.

That is why all the girls in town

Follow you all around

On the day that you were born

and the angels got together

And decided to create a dream come true

So they sprinkled moon dust

in your hair of gold

And starlight in your eyes of blue

That is why all the girls in town

Follow you all around

   And our desire is that you remain just that special 
person you always were, neither more nor less.

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REFRESH!!! By October 22nd

A few days ago I challenged everyone on H.NET that if we can reach 1.9 million views by Oct 22nd (my birthday) I will let Taylor smash a cake in my face, and live stream it on H.NET

We are still 30,000 views away from that goal, but we are on pace to get there. spread the word Never give up, never surrender! REFRESH!

Q. How do I Refresh?

A. Head over to the Thinking 'Bout Somethin' video on MySpace and watch it, and then Refresh your page and watch it again. Rinse and repeat. TBS Video

Hanson sets Oklahoma City tour stop

Published: 10/20/2010 3:25 PM
Last Modified: 10/20/2010 3:34 PM

Tulsa pop and blues trio Hanson will perform Dec. 17 at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City, event promoters today confirmed.

Tickets start at $19, plus fees, and go on sale 5 p.m. Friday via Reasor’s and Starship in Tulsa, or Buy For Less in Oklahoma City, or call (866) 977-6849.

Opening acts will be Ryan Star and Hedley. The show is all ages.

Doors open 6:30 p.m. Dec. 17, showtime 7:30 p.m.

Brothers Isaac,
Taylor (pictured) and
Zac Hanson prepare to
perform before a
hometown crowd at
Cain's Ballroom in this
August 25, 2010, file photo.
for the Tulsa World / file

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REFRESH!!! again...

Oct. 19, 2010

We really need everyone's help with requesting Thinking 'Bout Somethin' at radio, but we can REFRESH in between calls.

I am going to think of something awesome for us to do for the Street Team Members that are submitting forms everyday to show that they called their local radio station. Maybe another "Song For You" contest where we write a song for the winner, or maybe I can tattoo their name to my chest... or free drum lessons, but along with radio calls we want everyone to REFRESH the TBS video on MySpace. I think we can get to 2,000,000 by the end of november, maybe more.

If by October 22nd (My 25th Birthday) we have reached 1,900,000 I will let Taylor smash a cake in my face and live stream it on H.NET. let me give it to you in math terms.

1,900,000 by October 22nd at Midnight Eastern Time= Cake in Zac's face live streamed on H.NET


5 Questions about the October 31st MOE

Oct 18, 2010
I have been getting a lot of Question about the October 31st Members Only Event, and I wanted to share the answers to some of them with everyone

1. Is the show going to be outside?
A. No. It is an indoor venue in downtown Tulsa

2. Are you going to do a walk at the event?
A. We are not planning a walk, we will all be with our families earlier in the day and a night walk sounds like a bad idea... I don't want anyone getting hit by a car.

3. Will you be Streaming the MOE?
A. Yes, but only to members, other wise we couldn't call it a members only event

4. Will you be going in Costume?
A. That is the plan, if we can find something awesome!

5. Is the venue GA, or seated?
A. it is GA.

I hope this clears things up for everyone I think this is going to be a really fun way to start the last leg of the tour for this year.

- Zac Hanson

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zac's life

Zachary Walker "Zac" Hanson (born October 22, 1985) is an American musician, known as a member of the pop band Hanson. He can play percussion, piano, guitar and drums and also sings backing vocals and lead vocals. He was lead singer on "Go", the first single from The Walk.

Early life and career

Hanson was born in Arlington, Virginia, and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the third child of Walker and Diana Hanson. In May 1997, the band released their third studio album (and first on a major label), Middle of Nowhere. The first single, "MMMBop", made it to number one on recording industry sales charts worldwide. Hanson is one of the youngest artists ever to have a number one single (UK & US charts), second only to Michael Jackson.

After releasing three albums through the record company Island Def Jam (formerly Mercury Records), the band parted ways with the label in 2003 due to irreconcilable differences and formed their own independent label, 3CG Records.

He is the second youngest person to ever be nominated for a Grammy award at age 12 (second to Michael Jackson). He holds the title of youngest songwriter nominated for a Grammy (same year).

Personal life

In August 2000, Hanson was introduced to amateur model Kathryn "Kate" Tucker(born November 29, 1983). The two began dating in 2001 and their relationship continued for four years before Hanson proposed in February 2005. They were married on June 3, 2006, in a private ceremony held at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In the July 27, 2007 issue of People magazine, Hanson and Tucker stated that they planned to "wait a while" before having children. In November 2007, they announced that they would be expecting their first child in May 2008.

In People magazine, Hanson said of impending fatherhood, "I can't wait to meet this person....It will be fun to see five little ones grow up together. I know watching them will inspire a lot of music." The couple's son John Ira Shepherd Hanson ("Shepherd") was born on May 27, 2008 in Tulsa.

On July 2, 2010 in People magazine, Hanson and his wife Kate announced that they are expecting their second child, and the rocker couldn’t be more thrilled, "I am so excited about the new addition to our growing family and for the stories and inspiration this person will bring to the world."

3CG Records

He is a co-founder and co-CEO of 3CG Records along with his brothers Isaac and Taylor.

Isaac Hanson · Taylor Hanson · Zac Hanson

Studio albums Boomerang · MMMBop · Middle of Nowhere · Snowed In · This Time Around · Underneath · The Walk · Shout It Out

Singles "MMMBop" · "Where's the Love" · "I Will Come to You" · "Weird" · "Thinking of You" · "If Only" · "This Time Around" · "Penny & Me" · "Lost Without Each Other" · "Great Divide" · "Go" · "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'"
Compilations 3 Car Garage · MMMBop: The Collection · 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Hanson · Middle of Nowhere Acoustic' ·

Live From Albertane · The Best of Hanson: Live & Electric

EPs Underneath Acoustic · Take the Walk · Stand Up, Stand Up

Videos and DVDs The Road to Albertane · At the Fillmore · Strong Enough to Break · Underneath Acoustic Live

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Zac - Again!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flashback Friday: Hanson

An older, more refined and unconventional boy band from the ’90s is back, and they’re headed to Boulder.

The brothers who got everyone singing “MMMBop” circa 1997 with longer hair and higher voices now have wives and babies. But they haven’t lost the urge to rock out and they will show off their new material at the Fox on Friday.

“Shout It Out” is Hanson’s newest studio album, their eighth total, and was released in June. It shows off older music tastes, said sophomore music education major, Ethan Alexander.

“[Shout It Out] is so good! It’s a swing back to their older stuff,” Alexander said. “It has an old, strong soul influence.”

Some students said they lost touch with their favorite ’90s band, including senior marketing major Katie Pedroza.

“I had no idea they were still producing music,” Pedroza said. “I thought they disbanded.”

Isaac (guitar, vocals), Taylor (vocals, piano) and Zac (drums, vocals) have a fresh energy that is evident in their new music. The single, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin,” is a funky, in-your-face song telling a jaded ex-lover that they’re not the center of the universe. “Well I’ve run out of patience/ For this sticky situation/ You won’t find me crying that we’re through,” they sing, backed up by a robust horn band and follow with the chorus: “I’ve been thinking ‘bout somethin’/ I’ve been thinking ‘bout somethin’ other than you.”

The new album is a piano and horn-driven musical piece of work with their trademark three-part harmony. Their songwriting reflects more maturity than what was popular 13 years ago. Junior international affairs major, Bryce Fricklis, said he used to like them and would be interested to hear what has changed musically.

“They were my favorite band when I was 8 years old,” Fricklis said. “I’d be interested in seeing them, I guess.”

Alexander said he wants to see them at the Fox.

“I love Hanson,” Alexander said. “If I have enough money, I’ll definitely go.”

Just Zac!

In celebration of "Zactober", here are some photos of our boy.

Cover story: X Questions: Charlyne Yi


Leave it to Charlyne Yi to go from “Knocked Up” to would-be Freddie Mercury. The comedienne, best known for a brief but memorable role in the Judd Apatow comedy and a star turn in “Paper Heart,” a 2009 semi-documentary about her are-they-or-aren’t-they romance with fellow awkward actor Michael Cera, has turned her attentions to music. She’s playing in two bands, one serious (The Old Lumps, named after a friend’s dog) and one less so –- that’d be Flesh (the Racist Crayon) -- and this Friday, she’ll use her monthly night at the UCB Theater to pay homage to one-hit wonders-turned-pop-lifers Hanson. (Mercury and his band, Queen, sit at the top of her influences in all departments: “I wrote a script about Queen but I don’t know if it’s going to get made.”)

With the press tour for “Paper Heart” over and no film or TV projects on the horizon, Yi’s now a free agent, choosing to spend her band practice downtime taking on charity projects and raising awareness for Oxfam. We got the pint-sized star on the line to discuss turning away from Hollywood fame, her rock star fantasies and finally finding love.

-- David Greenwald


BX: On Friday, you’re doing this Hanson show at UCB -- is it going to be the adorable “MMMBop” Hanson or, like, old, 2010 Hanson?

CY: Everyone who’s playing a Hanson member is in a band. We’re going to each pick two songs. I’m picking some old songs that I really like because I think we all secretly love the first Hanson album. I know Roxy [Radulesco], from Rad Magic, she’s going to play one of the new songs because she secretly really loves it. We’re going to try some comedy bits. Casey [Trela, of High Ho Silver Oh] and Roxy have never done comedy on stage, they just mainly have bands, so we’re going to experiment with that. I’m really excited, I feel like they’re two of the funniest people I know, they’re naturally funny so it’ll be interesting to see how our comedy bits go down.


BX: With “Hanson” this weekend and “World of Pain” and so on, you’ve been trying a lot of different styles –- is there anything you’d like to do on stage you haven’t yet?

CY: I really want to write and direct plays and not be in it. I wasn’t even supposed to be in “World of Pain” but then I kind of was jealous. How do you get someone to come to your monthly show if you’re not even in your own show? Are people going to care? I’m trying to slowly transition.


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Hated '90s Band No. 1


Most people may not give the band Hanson much thought these days, but simply utter the words "MmmBop" and it will likely all come rushing back to them.Hanson were a pop rock band formed in the mid-1990s by three brothers. Really, that alone should have been enough for alarm bells to ring. Brother acts bring to mind the Osmonds and Nelson and it nearly always ends up with mediocrity. And yes, Jonas Brothers, we haven't forgotten about you.Of course, if Hanson was your favorite band of all time and you haven't repented of this sin, then you'll be pleased to know they are still going strong -- or going at least -- and released their eighth studio album "Shout It Out" in the summer of 2010.Imagine, such longevity even though most people probably couldn't name another one of their songs ... or is that because "MmmBop" is now stuck in your head, canceling out all other thoughts?

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