Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hated '90s Band No. 1


Most people may not give the band Hanson much thought these days, but simply utter the words "MmmBop" and it will likely all come rushing back to them.Hanson were a pop rock band formed in the mid-1990s by three brothers. Really, that alone should have been enough for alarm bells to ring. Brother acts bring to mind the Osmonds and Nelson and it nearly always ends up with mediocrity. And yes, Jonas Brothers, we haven't forgotten about you.Of course, if Hanson was your favorite band of all time and you haven't repented of this sin, then you'll be pleased to know they are still going strong -- or going at least -- and released their eighth studio album "Shout It Out" in the summer of 2010.Imagine, such longevity even though most people probably couldn't name another one of their songs ... or is that because "MmmBop" is now stuck in your head, canceling out all other thoughts?

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