Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Helpfull Hint's For REFRESHING

With the REFRESH campaign back in full swing I have seen a lot of questions like these. Why are we REFRESHING, or What is REFRESHING?

What is RERFESHING?  When we ask people to REFRESH, we are asking them to help accumulate views for a video, and in this case the "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" music video.  You can REFRESH by watching it yourself, telling a friend, sharing it on a blog, or standing on a street corner while yelling at strangers.  Maybe a REFRESHING party could be planned, where people bring laptops and sit there continually reloading the "TBS" video while the host walks around yelling at them, "REFRESH FASTER!!!"

Why do we REFRESH?  Well, when we get the views up of a video, it is more likly to come up in a search.  When a lot of people are watching the video at once, the video might end up in the most viewed videos of the day and be exposed to more people who don't know they want to watch the new HANSON video.

To be fair, it is more than that.  It also brings the community together when we are all working towards a commont goal, making it a more fun place to spend time as we wait for the video to load again.  I found a post in the H.NET forums about some of the best ways to refresh that I thought I would share.   And, if you leave this page open, you can REFRESH While you sleep!

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