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Hanson: Blood is thicker Hanson: Blood is thicker Hanson: Blood is thicker

Boy bands come and go. Some split up and members go solo, oftentimes with not much success. A few remain intact, surviving the influx of new groups. One of them is Hanson, composed of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac. Of course, it helps that they are siblings. Blood is thicker than music, you know.
A backgrounder (furnished Funfare by Dayly Entertainment which is producing the Hanson concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on March 30 and at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City on March 31):
Natives of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Hanson brothers have been making music together for nearly two decades. Their 1997 debut albumMiddle of Nowhere introduced their out-of-the-blue, soul-inspired brand of American pop-rock ‘n’ roll to the world. It sold more than 10 million copies and spawned the trio’s hit singles MMMBop, Where’s The Love, I Will Come to Youand Weird.
Also in 1997, they released their Christmas album Snowed In, followed by a studio album in 2000, This Time Around.
In 2003, the brothers put up 3CG Records, their own company and, in 2004, released their album,Underneath (Penny & Me and Lost Without Each Other were among the hit singles from it). In 2007, they released the album The Walk.
They have just released their fifth album, Shout It Out.
“It showcases not only the music of Hanson but many aspects that have allowed the band to survive and stay relevant,” said Zac in an exclusive phone interview with Funfare. “The album is about being alive, and the contrasts we are faced with. We’ve come from a generation leaving the analog world and moving into an interconnected culture at risk of forgetting where it came from. The album tries to put together those pieces, but with a bit of melody to back it up.”
Here’s the rest of our interview:
You and your brothers Isaac and Taylor have been in the business for more than two decades. What keeps you together, considering that so many bands have come and gone?
“Even when we were kids, we were saying that we’d be together even when we were old and gray. We’ve been doing it together for years and years and we’re still enjoying it. Life goes on and things can be harsh, but we stick together whatever happens.”
Isn’t there any professional rivalry which is common among siblings in showbiz?
“You know, at this point there shouldn’t really be as much sibling rivalry. We’re not perfect, you know, we also have our faults but we’re not guilty of sibling rivalry or professional jealousy. We have struggled with each other; no one knows each other better than we do. It’s hard. Sometimes we are hard on each other but thank God, it has been a good job, it has been a good life, and we really appreciate it.”
You started in the business as teenagers. I suppose you all have families of your own now and you live apart from each other. How do you keep in touch away from music?
“The funny thing about us is that in a lot of ways we’re still together even if we’re not working. We run our label so we spend a lot of time together even if we’re not going on tour.”
Do you always agree on what kind of music you should be playing or how things in your office should be run?
“We often agree more than disagree. You know, we grew up in the same house and on the same kind of music. We play different roles in our company, each one of us runs his own area.”
Who’s the most senior among you?
“There’s no official first, second and third. We are seven siblings in the family and I’m the youngest of the three who are in the music business. We three are the only ones who have pursued music. We have a sister who’s studying art and a brother who’s studying acting.”
Why did you call your band simply Hanson and not something else?
“We did consider a few names but we decided to just use our surname as the name of our band. It’s easier to remember, isn’t it?”
Could you tell us more about your new (fifth) album, Shout It Out?
“These songs on the album go back to our roots; they are the kind of songs that we grew up on. The album kind of traces how we have grown as a band. It’s titled Shout It Out because that’s exactly what a singer wants when he wants the whole world to listen to his music — you know, to really shout it out…loud! We’ve had a long, happy journey for 20 years and we’d love to share it with the world.”
You performed in Manila a few years ago. What surprises are in store for your Filipino fans on your concert on March 30 and 31? Of course, if you tell, they won’t be surprised anymore, hehehe!
“There will be lots of surprises. There will also be a little bit of everything — our old songs, our new songs from our latest album. We expect our fans to sing along with us and enjoy the music.
(Note: Hanson Live in Manila is produced by Dayly Entertainment in cooperation with Rockstar Touring and LAMC Productions. Ticket prices are: P4,500 for Patron VIP, P3,500 for Patron, P3,000 for Lower Box, P2,500 for Upper Box A, P1,500 for Upper Box B and P500 for General Admisson. Call TicketNet at 911-5555. The concert will be on March 30 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, March 31 Waterfront Cebu City Hotel.)
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Hanson announced for Little Lake Musicfest


Updated 3 days ago
Pop band Hanson is going to perform at the Little Lake Musicfest this summer during the final show of the season on Aug. 25.
The trio of brothers from Oklahoma - Zac, Isaac and Taylor - is best known for the 1997 hit song MMMBop and has sold millions of albums worldwide.
The band’s other hit songs include This Time Around, Strong Enough to Break, Where’s the Love and The Walk.
Hanson has been making music together for nearly two decades.
On their current fifth studio album Shout It Out, released on their independent label 3CG Records, they deliver soulful, melodic tunes known as R&B-flavored pop-rock. The album, produced and written exclusively by the band, includes special guests: Funk Brothers bassist Bob Babbitt, who played on some of Motown’s greatest hits, and horn arranger Jerry Hey, who worked with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Earth, Wind and Fire.
The first single, Thinking ’Bout Somethin’, one of the songs that features brass, offers lyrics about putting a loose lover in her place underscored by a huge chorus.
Kiss Me When You Come Home touches on heartfelt lyrics about the simpler connections that keep a relationship going.
Carry You There harkens back to The Walk, with its message of rising above your troubles.
And I Waited brings in a tougher edge signaling a change in mood from with a four-on-the-floor kick drum and a darker lyrical undertone.
Meanwhile, Little Lake Musicfest is set to start its 26th season of free entertainment in Del Crary Park on June 30.
The outdoor concerts at the Fred Anderson Stage run Wednesday and Saturday evenings.
No other lineup details have been released yet.

A conversation with Hanson

By: Vince Gallagher
If you've heard of "MMMBop," you're probably familiar with this band of brothers. Vince Gallagher spoke with the band "Hanson" before their concert at Northern Lights on Tuesday.
CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. -- You may have heard of the pop rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, formed by the three brothers, Issac, Taylor, and Zac: the trio known as Hanson. We caught up with them before their show at Northern Lights on Tuesday. The concert was actually for a show that had been postponed.
Isaac Hanson said, "We actually very rarely cancel a show but got really sick at the end of last year, but this was part of another U.S. tour and so we just finished a whole run of shows across Canada."
They then made their way back to this area. They've been going now for more than 15 years, as a band and a family, which can help when it comes to carrying the same tune
Zac Hanson said, "There's probably some genetic assistance in there somewhere. I think vocal cords probably sounds more similar and blend better, but we've only been in a band with each other, so it's probably hard to know."
Hanson's popularity exploded in 1997 with the release on "MMMBop," but they've really had a combination of a solid fan base and critical acclaim.
"We do it first for ourselves and secondly for the fans hoping that they love what you do, and then you just stay focused on that every night," said Isaac.
And yes, they're still popular today. Outside Northern Lights, fans waited for hours to get first row seats, based on the number in order of purchased tickets.
"They are to help us stay in line so when the doors open, we can all proceed in to the show," said fan Colleen Bridges.
In the meantime, there's a bit of camping out, but it was all for the songs they hope to hear
"Never Let Go, Crazy Beautiful, Give a Little, In the City, MMMBop, everything," said another fan.
Hanson also is in the business side of the music business; they run their own label, 3CG Records - a move based on the response to the state of the music industry these days
"You've seen massive shrinkage of every different side of the music business just because of the way that the culture is being spread and shared and those things, and I think as a band, we just found that the best place to be was running our own label, doing it ourselves and finding those partnerships we could rely on," said Zac.
And as Hanson had a successful night here in the Capital Region, that continues with more scheduled sold-out shows.

‘Waiting to Exhale’ co-stars mourn death of Whitney Houston Continue reading on ‘Waiting to Exhale’ co-stars mourn death of Whitney Houston - Oklahoma City Pop Culture

Feb. 14, 2012 - Many people from all over the world voiced their reactions to the death of pop Diva Whitney Houston. Included in those mournful posts were from Oklahoma musicians such as Reba McEntireNathan Followill of Kings of Leon and Zac Hanson of the pop group Hanson.
Another group of individuals who mourned the loss of Whitney Houston were her co-stars in the movie Waiting to Exhale.
Houston starred in Waiting to Exhale in 1996, her second movie effort following The Bodyguard. Actor Forest Whitaker directed the movie and she starred alongside Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon. Houston also sang the movie's theme song, "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)."

Continue reading on ‘Waiting to Exhale’ co-stars mourn death of Whitney Houston - Oklahoma City Pop Culture |

“Mmmbop”‘s gone electric

Hanson boasts mature sound and launches their own beer brand

Caroline Cox
Copy Editor
Hanson’s Saturday night show was a high energy, non-stop, 100-minute rollercoaster, a tribute to the band’s enthusiasm. The interactive concert had the crowd jumping, singing, clapping, dancing, and—perhaps most significantly for a band who still boasts much of their boy band appeal—grabbing the hand of their favourite Hanson brother.
That’s not to say the band hasn’t matured: they’ve actually gone electric, adding new riffs to old songs, incorporating horns in new songs. They will soon launch their own brand of beer, Mmmhop, evidence of the band’s maturation – but more on that later.
“What’s been really cool about the last 15 years is you have countless opportunities to get out there and to make another record and to have a different relationship with your audience,” Isaac Hanson, the oldest brother and the band’s guitarist, told me before the show. “You are always looking for that kernel of insight. The great thing about it is that that kernel is new every single day.”
The opening song, “Wait It Out,” had fans singing the title line of the group’s most recent album Shout It Out, their fifth studio release. During the band’s cover of The Beatles’ “Oh Darling,” youngest brother and drummer Zac Hanson held the syllable “Oh” while Taylor Hanson, middle brother and pianist, chugged a bottle of water. The band’s oldest songs appeared near the end of the show – but even “Mmmbop” now includes electric riffs, and the song benefits from this new sound.
“I think we all just love what we do in one form or another,” Isaac said about keeping their sound fresh. “We’re all just really excited to do it. The enthusiasm isn’t lost on us.”
Although they have released four albums since Middle of Nowhere hit radio waves in 1997, Isaac maintains that the purpose behind their music remains the same.
“I think as a songwriter you are always just trying to have an honest emotional connection with somebody no matter what the song specifically is about. Sometimes it’s just about celebrating life, sometimes it’s just about challenging yourself to rise to the occasion. Sometimes it’s lamenting the loss of someone… You’re always just searching for that kernel of honest emotion and a unique way to tell it every time.”
The brothers, especially Taylor and Isaac, also love beer. They will launch their beer brand Mmmhop, an India Pale Ale, in both the US and Canada in the spring. Isaac said that, while the beer’s name is “tongue in cheek,” the idea sprang from the band’s collaborations with local chocolate and coffee artisans.
“We really loved what these people did, and then that love for what they did inspired us to say, we should do something with this chocolate maker or coffee roaster, because they’re really good at what they do,” Isaac said. “We found a way to put it out with our own spin on it.
“The beer is our reflection of our appreciation of an art form, and the spirit it puts you in.”
The brothers have branched out in other ways: the new video for “Thinkin Bout Something” belatedly showcases their awkward dance moves.
Isaac explained why they did not bust a move in Thunder Bay: “We are not dancers, as has been proven by all the years of music videos and whatever. We’ll leave the pop and lock to Usher and Bieber, with all of their agility.”
No matter the quality of the band’s — and the audience’s — dancing, what Isaac calls the “carpe diem” attitude behind many of their songs gets infused into live performances, leading fans, literally, to jump out of their seats.
Photo by Gary Musson/ARGUS

Hanson plays Musicfest Aug. 25

Multiple Grammy-nominated pop music brothers confirmed for Del Crary Park summer date

(PETERBOROUGH) Multiple Grammy-nominated pop band Hanson -- Oklahoma-born brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson -- will take to the Fred Anderson Stage in Del Crary Park this summer as part of the Little Lake Musicfest lineup.
The trio, best known for 1997 monster hit MMMBop, will perform Aug. 25, 8 p.m.
With millions of record sales worldwide, Hanson is currently in the midst of a cross-Canada tour, promoting its fifth studio album, Shout It Out.
Other popular hits of the trio include This Time Around, Strong Enough To Break and Where's The Love?
Watch for more Musicfest concert announcements as details are made available. 

Entering a time warp with Hanson at the Phoenix

Posted by Erin Scholz / FEBRUARY 12, 2012

Hanson Live

Let's enter the time warp.
I saw Hanson 14 years ago. Yes, I was bat-shit crazy for the three goldilocks (especially Zac- "The funny one!"). I called a number in the back of Tiger Beat Magazine that promised I could speak with Hanson. That number turned out to be some prerecorded shit from Barbados, obviously, and cost my parents about $80.
Hanson LiveI'm telling you this because despite my former fanatic ways, it's been 14 long years since then. My musical tastes have changed and surely, I thought, theirs had too. Wrong. The predominately female crowd screamed even louder than I had remembered, groups of gals with homemade Hanson shirts were in full force, and the pushing and shoving to get closer to the golden gods was something I hadn't experienced since, I don't know, Hanson in 1997.
Hanson LiveThey played hits from their debut album Middle of Nowhere, (yes even MMMBop), while mostly sticking to songs from their latest four albums. (Yes, that's right, they actually have 10 albums). After the success ofMiddle of Nowhere and some rocky patches with their then label, Mercury Records, Hanson started their own independent label which has allowed them to record, well, a considerable library of material.
Hanson LiveThe show at The Phoenix was actually sold out days before they were scheduled to appear. Free from former back up musicians a la "The Mmmbop" era, the three brothers competently played catchy pop tunes about love, longing, heartbreak, and well, mmm...bopping. Zac and Isaac each took a turn performing a solo acoustic song, while Taylor (let's face it, the star) sat back and watched.
Hanson Live"With You in Your Dreams" (a song about the loss of their grandmother) still brought people to tears, "MMMBop" made people go manic and one of their latest hits — "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" made me feel like I was caught in a flash mob. Think, your mom and all her friends dancing to their old faves and not giving a shit what they look like or who's watching. Which is kind of badass, actually. I commend you, Hanson fans.
Hanson LiveSo basically a Hanson concert in 2012 isn't much different than one in 1997. Same deal but I could smell weed. And whenever I had the urge to sing along I bit the straw in my gin and tonic really hard.
Photos by Sarah Rix

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Hanson, Philip Glass, Bjork: NYC Concerts Monday, February 13 - Wednesday, February 15

-by Jennifer Monteagudo, Staff Writer; Image: In our minds, Hanson will always be a trio of tall, middle school girls (Image Source: Broward Palm Beach New Times)
Monday, February 13
Modern composer Philip Glass joins Laurie Anderson and Das Racist for a performance at Carnegie Hall’s Isaac Stern Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $33; all ages welcome.
Tuesday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day)
Explosions in the Sky play NYU Skirball Center for a special, NYU-students-only show at 6:30 p.m. All you violets (or is it bobcats?) can attend for $8.
What could be more romantic than Hanson? Woo your lover at this special upstate show, atNorthern Lights in Clifton Park, New York. Mmmbop your way over at 7 p.m.; 16+ and $25.

Wednesday, February 15
The Jealous Sound recently released A Gentle Reminder, and now play the Knitting Factory Brooklyn for an all-ages, 8 p.m. show. Tickets are $12.
Bjork is still in town, doing her 50th (an estimate) live rendition of Biophilia at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Show is all ages, $75, and at 8:30 p.m.
Didn’t get enough of Guns N’ Roses last week? They continue their tour of the concrete Jungle (song title pun!) at Webster Hall at 9 p.m. Show is 18+ and $80.
Follow Jennifer Monteagudo on Twitter @yeyeberlynn

Hanson gives sneak peek of new album ‘Shout It Out’

It’s been 15 years since Hanson topped the pop charts with their catchy tune MMMBop. The three brothers have been actively recording since, but their latest release Shout It Out is garnering a lot of buzz.

The album was released in the United States in 2010 and is set for release here in Canada this April.

“We wanted to do a proper Canadian release so we’re coming back in April and we’ll do more promotional stuff around the record, as well,” frontman Isaac Hanson said.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac stopped by BT Friday to perform two singles from the latest album — Thinking ‘Bout Somethin' and Shout It Out. Watch the attached video to see the performance.

The band plays Friday night at the Phoenix.

Today in Toronto: Divisadero, Hanson, War Horse and more

Divisadero: A Performance Michael Ondaatje’s 2007 novel got the theatrical treatment last year, with Daniel Brooks directing Maggie Huculak, Tom McCamus and Liane Balaban in a stage adaptation, which gets a remount this month. Acting neophyte Justin Rutledge—a very fine singer-songwriter and Ondaatje’s muse for the project—turns in a solid performance as itinerant gambler Coop, but it’s Amy Rutherford as a magnetic, desperate junkie who steals the show. Previews from Feb. 8. Find out more »
Hanson There’s no way to put this that won’t make you feel old: all three members of Hanson, the trio of blond brothers who very briefly owned the top of the charts with “MMMBop,” are married with children. (Yes, even the youngest brother, Zac, who was 12 when they first hit and behaved like the “before” in a Ritalin ad.) Find out more »
Laila Biali Biali’s voice can sometimes edge into the realm of breathy little girl, but her compositions tackle life and love with maturity, wit and some exemplary piano work—and that voice can blossom when it has to. Plus, she’s paid some dues, having opened for Diana Krall and Dave Brubeck and played Carnegie Hall. Find out more »
War Horse What began as a bestselling children’s book and recently became a Steven Spielberg film is arguably most powerful as a play, thanks to some fantastic work by the Handspring Puppet Company. The story—about a boy and his horse on the battlefields of World War I—is a little sentimental, but the puppetry is genuinely dazzling. Find out more »

Hanson returns–at last

We’ll forever remember them for their 1997 hit single “Mmmbop,” and how young they were when they shot to pop music fame. Now, over a decade later, Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson are staunch health activists, run their own record label, and are all husbands and fathers.
And through it all, they’ve never stopped creating music.
Hanson will be here next month for a two-night concert on March 30 (Smart Araneta Coliseum, Cubao) and 31 (Waterfront Cebu). It’s the band’s second visit to the Philippines; their first was in 2004 to promote the album “Underneath.”
Their upcoming concerts are part of the “Shout It Out” World Tour, which showcases their latest album of the same title.
“We have eclectic tastes in music, but our first and strongest influence is late ’50s and early ’60s soul music and rock ’n’ roll,” said Hanson frontman Taylor. “That music is a direct inspiration on ‘Shout It Out.’”
“The concert will definitely feature the music on ‘Shout It Out,’ but it will also highlight songs from throughout the band’s career,” he added.
Hanson has toured the US, Latin America, and Europe, and are now holding shows in Canada.
Super got the chance to ask Taylor more about what’s keeping the band busy, and why they’ve (finally!) decided to come back.
What brought you back to the Philippines?
There was not one specific thing that made this tour possible; it was a combination of timing and finding the right partner for the return concerts. We have wanted to come back for some time, and we are really excited it is finally able to happen.
Was there ever a time when you stopped creating songs/ music?
We have never stopped making music, but there have been long periods where we have not been able to make touring outside the US a priority, and that makes it difficult to stay connected with many fans. Thankfully, we are changing that with this coming tour.
You are staunch supporters of the kids in Africa, especially those stricken with HIV/AIDS. How were you made aware of their plight? What do you continue to do for them?
In early 2007, we began our “Take The Walk” campaign, where we engage fans and others to take one-mile barefoot walks to connect with the needs of those facing extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. We were inspired to begin this effort after we took a trip to South Africa and Mozambique in early 2006.
Our broader mission has been to inspire individuals to take action in tangi ble ways, and focus on equally tangible needs, like medicine, water, education, shoes and access to healthcare. We have several key partners who help us to provide for those needs, and our mission continues through raising funds and encouraging people all over the world to organize barefoot walks for the cause.
You have your own record label now, 3 Car Garage (3CG). Do you manage other artists as well?
We have run our own record company for nine years, beginning in 2003 with the release of our third studio album. We have not focused on releasing other artists, but we look forward to playing that role in the future. Our label’s purpose is to facilitate releasing and marketing our music in a way that we feel builds a career and a united creative vision for the band.
Do your families tour with you? Are your kids showing any interest in entering the music industry, too—and would you allow them, if they are?
We are all married with children now: Isaac has two children; me four, Zac two. Our families do join us on the road sometimes, but not always. All of our kids are surrounded by music so it’s always a possibility that they could choose to make music, but we will let them decide for themselves like we did.
Lastly, any preconcert message for your fans?
Firstly, thank you so much for your patience over many years of no concerts, and we are really excited to finally bring the new tour and music back to the Philippines.

Eight Supergroups with Ridiculous Names

In case you didn't know, Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Tony Allen (Fela Kuti) are in a band called Rocket Juice and the Moon. Great, right? Gets better. Today they announced that their currently untitled debut album will be released March 12 via Honest Jon’s (a label which Albarn co-runs). Could they be searching for another creative outlet to channel their endless amount of energy and love of music at its core? Learning about each other and what it means to just BE? Or is it all just a money grab? Here’s what Tony Allen had to say about the project via MOJO Magazine:
“It is all funk. Groove music, music that makes you dance. The audience don't want to sit and listen, they want to move their bodies.” Describing the band's recording process, he added, “We don't say, what are we going to do? We say let's go for it, and we all play at once... It's a question of being free of mind.”
Thanks Tony! Glad the crazy-sounding method works for you guys. In honor of this meeting of the minds and their ridiculous name, we’ve decided to create a top eight list of the supergroups with the nuttiest titles. Here they are, in no particular order:
 Members: Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers).
They’ve released two albums, Chickenfoot and the fall 2011 release Chickenfoot II which has gone Gold in Canada and the US.  Why did this happen? Don’t get me wrong, all of these men are excellent musicians but together as Chickenfoot? The result is about as good as a song called "Oh Yeah" recorded in the 21st century can be. Try not to cringe when Sammy Hagar sings "I wanna be your hoochie coochie man".

Members: Trey Anastasio (Phish), Les Claypool (Primus) and Stewart Copeland (The Police).
Living creature plus a body part seems to be a reoccurring theme within the supergroup fraternity. I bought The Grand Pecking Order when I went through my jam band phase (WIILLLLSOOON) and needless to say I was blown away. But again, what are these artists doing with each other? Stewart Copeland can handle Trey Anastasio and Les Claypool but not Sting?! Come on! 

Monsters of Folk 
Members: Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis, (Bright Eyes), Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and M. Ward.
Now this is a heavy supergroup right here. The track practically smells of whiskey. Pulling together some of the finest artists of the indie/alternative/folk scenes of the early-mid 2000’s worked well for these gentlemen.  Their self-titled release in 2009 hit #1 on the US Billboard Top Heatseekers and proved that some supergroups are meant to be. 

Them Crooked Vultures 
Members: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age).
Unable to give the world a Led Zeppelin reunion, John Paul Jones opted instead to record and tour with two of the rock world's foremost rock-men. This must have been a dream come true for Grohl who has noted many a time that Led Zeppelin is one of his greatest influences. Them Crooked Vultures took home a Grammy last year for Best Hard Rock Performance of “New Fang” and there’s word of a second album currently in the works. That said, most of their fans would probably have preferred to hear "Stairway to Heaven" live.

Tinted Windows 
Members: Taylor Hanson (Hanson), James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins), Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) and Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick).
Really though, how does anyone get along in these groups? When you've got a massive ego like the drummer from Cheap Trick in your band, you're asking for trouble. His rider probably weighs as much as a phone book. And what about the members of the artists' other projects? Are they jealous?  Are the other two Hansons plotting to kill Taylor? THIS IS SERIOUS! 

Atoms for Peace 
Members: Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, and Mauro Refosco (David Byrne).
Flea made his first supergroup appearance with this lot back in 2009, surprising everyone by not bursting into "Dani California" midsong. Thom Yorke is great and all but playing in a real band with your producer? Don’t shit where you eat Thom
Members: Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones), A.R. Rahman, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).  
Genres collide in SuperHeavy with a mix of reggae, Indian music, and soul all playing a part in its production. Apparently the name of the group is inspired by Muhammad Ali and features a song with Jagger singing in Sanskrit. Everyone's so worldly in 2012! 
Child Rebel Soldier 
Members: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams.
Who is the child? Who is the rebel? Who is the soldier? Is it all three? Is it inside ALL OF US? These three began collaborating together in 2007 and only two singles have come of it including “Don’t Stop!” which Kanye released during his G.O.O.D. Friday music giveaways. 

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