Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hanson brothers Taylor, Isaac, and Zac open up about family life

Nothing makes us feel older than knowing that the Hanson brothers (Isaac, Taylor, and Zac) who mmm-bopped us through our adolescence, are now married with multiple children. Taylor has been married nine years and has four kids. Zac and Isaac have both been married for five years, and each has two children.

We'll just give you a moment to process that.

The men all met their wives at Hanson concerts. Now, those wives manage the inconveniences of raising children with working musicians. (We were going to use the term "rock stars," but we thought better of it.)

"It has helped us to grow really adaptable," says Kate Hanson, Zac's wife, in a "20/20" interview. "It gives you the drive to find those moments together."

As Isaac's kids grow, he says he'll make more effort to be there for ballet recitals and such. "One way or another I'll be there," he says. "I mean, I haven't missed a birthday." 

In the case of Taylor and his wife Natalie, she tends to join him on the road. "We love to go," she says.

"The real rock stars are our four kids," Taylor adds. "We're the screaming fans of them."

He used the word. Not us. 

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