Sunday, February 12, 2012

The memories of Hanson come flooding back

Let’s talk about these brothers

Rolan Alexander
I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was in grade six… voice just cracking, and peach fuzz just starting to grow. Girls’ notebooks covered in hearts, “mmmbopping” and talking about which Hanson brother – Zac, Taylor, or Isaac – was hotter. That’s all I heard for months – it sucked, I was jealous, and just when I thought it was over, they’re back.
The brothers of Hanson performed at The Outpost on Saturday as part of their Canadian Tour.
“A full Canadian tour sounds like a great idea,” Isaac Hanson told The Argus in a phone interview. Although Thunder Bay may seem like a small place for an accomplished band to visit, this leg of the tour is part of the band’s objective.
“We basically said here’s the goal. We’re going to go to places we haven’t gone and we’re going to places we haven’t gone in a long time. The reason why we’re getting to Thunder Bay is because we haven’t been there before,” Isaac said.
Long after the days of long hair and singing about planting seeds, flowers, and roses, and uncovering the secret of which one grows, Isaac states that the difference between their most recent album, Shout It Out, and 1997’s Middle Of Nowhere is “subtleties of musical arrangement.”
When asked what to expect at a Hanson concert, Isaac answered, “you expect that the audience should be put into a position where they need to clap and sing along. You do need to be able to get out of your shell. If you want to sit there with your arms crossed, this is not the show you should come to. Also, expect a loud ruckus, rock and roll type of experience. That’s the show we’ve always put on and that’s the show we will always put on.”
Stayed tuned for a full review of the show in next week’s issue of The Argus. Canada artist Carly Rae Jepsen, whose single “Call Me Maybe” is currently on Canadian airwaves, opened.
Photo by Gary Musson/ARGUS

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