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Article: Hanson in Cannes

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Exclusive Video: Taylor Hanson On What He's Looking For @MIDEM 2011

Janeiro 23, 2011 By Eve Nagy

Taylor Hanson, along with his brothers Zac and Isaac of the band Hanson, started their own record label 3CG Records in 2002 after conflict over creative issues drove them to leave the major-label world. Being independent seems only to have helped the group, as they've maintained a rabid following and are doing things their own way. In this video interview from MIDEM 2011, Taylor Hanson talks about the label's priorities and why passion and connectivity are driving the music business.

Click HERE to watch the interview with Taylor Hanson.

Ike & Taylor @ Midem

Credits to owner

Taylor Hanson @ Midem

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A Deeper Side To Hanson?

The family trio Hanson are one of the first bands people think of when the phrase “one hit wonder” is thrown around. Their hit ‘MMMBop’ was huge, and we all still remember it. It was catchy, infectious and almost the perfect pop song. That’s all we know them from though, which is far from the end of the story.

It’d probably be surprising to almost everyone (it certainly was in the office) to hear that not only are the trio still making music, but they’ve grown into a mature, classy pop-rock act. There’s a new sophistication to their sound, and their development and maturity is the reason for their longevity.

In fact, a look at their website sees no obvious mention of ‘MMMBop’, with it becoming clear that Hanson really have moved on. They’ve embraced an admirable DIY work ethic, and have developed into great songwriters.

Furthermore, Zac Hanson is the youngest songwriter nominee in the history of the Grammy Awards, an incredible feat for a so-called “one hit wonder”.

Really, Hanson have become so much more than the laughing stock they are widely regarded as. They’re no longer long-haired, fresh looking pre-teens trying to grasp at 15 minutes of fame. Hanson have become a sophisticated, consistent pop act, with all three brothers (Isaac, Zac and Taylor) developing into serviceable, dare I say talented, musicians.

Also admirable is the band’s reluctance to rely on their name value from their early success. However, by sticking with their surname, they’ve not run away from it either. Still a part of their live set, ‘MMMBop’ sits in the background. To leave out such a vital part of their history would be wrong, but it’s good that Hanson don’t want it overshadowing their career.

It’s surprising that Hanson have shown longevity, still in the business after so long. People who are sceptical of their talent or deepness should bare in mind that the original version of ‘MMMBop’ was a tender ballad, which garnered them little attention.

I realise there’s some irony in the fact that in writing about a different side to Hanson, I’ve referenced their musical stigma so often. It is a vital part of how the public remembers Hanson, which is quite unfair.

They honestly have matured and developed into a great pop-rock outfit that show a solid understanding of how to make fantastic, DIY pop music. Hanson seem content with where they’re at now, but I hope this may prompt more people to give them a chance.

What do you think? Do you remember Hanson from the first time round, or have you listened to their later material and agree with what we’ve said? Let us know.

Hanson 2011 Coffee "Kenia Mitondo"

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New pictures


Awesome Pictures!


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Great pictures *-*

Hanson Get Checked Off The Boy Band Bucket List

The Backstreet Boys? Check. The Jonas Brothers? Done. *NSYNC? Absolutely. New Kids On The Block? Of course. 98 Degrees? Definitely. And now Hanson. Yes, "MMMBop" Hanson.

What in the world am I supposed to do next? Since birth, I've had a love for all things related to boy bands, those rare collections of young men who blend their voices and make girls hyperventilate with every harmony and high note. Actually, birth might be a stretch. Let's say kindergarten (also known as the very late '80s) when New Kids on the Block were at the height of their popularity. It all started with their sugary sweet pop tunes about girls, love and the ability to hang tough. 

And then my love of boy band pop music took off from there. (You could even argue it moved step by step.) Sure, I've loved all types of music in my life, but there was always something about cute guys singing about the trials and tribulations of love that made me swoon.

So, now that I am "professional" journalist, I get the chance to interview those bands. Almost all of those bands, actually. So far, I've interviewed at least one member from almost every major boy band of the last two decades or so (as listed above). Thanks to my incredibly fun chat with Hanson yesterday, I've come one step closer to retirement. 

.....[ Hanson Say Their Show With Drake Was 'Canceled Just In Time' --- 'With that many people, it got out of hand,' Zac Hanson says of the scheduled NYC concert.

Not since a Justin Bieber show has there been such a pre-concert riot. On Tuesday night, when Drake and Hanson were scheduled to play a free show in New York, the crowd got a bit too overzealous for security, prompting the concert to be canceled. 

"It was still a big show; there was just no music involved, and instead of throwing out the rock sign, it was more of a 'let's throw chairs and some potted plants and anything else we can get our hands on,' " Zac Hanson told MTV News on Wednesday (June 16). "It was unexpected. There wasn't enough security and organization, and everyone was just so surprised by the turnout, and with that many people, it got out of hand. They canceled it just in time, I think." 

Taylor Hanson said the artists still wanted to put on the show, but the NYPD decided it was too dangerous to even try. "I will say simply that, since last night happened, it's been all over the place, and there's been all kinds of different comments," he said. "And I know that Drake's people, [concert organizer] Paper magazine, everyone in our camp totally wanted it to happen. And it really came down to the city going, 'Hey, this is not safe.' " 

The guys said they have yet to catch up with Drake since it all went down. "Everybody has been a little bit shocked at the fact that things went down last night the way they did," Taylor said. "We've already thrown it out there that we should get the Drake/Hanson combination happening with more [preparation]."....]

Well, not really. But you get my point. I am not in an existential crisis, but I am wondering: What do I do next? What else is there to accomplish? And are BBMak available for comment?

Hanson's Long Journey From My Heart To The MTV Newsroom

Posted 6/16/10 

By Jenna Shulman

It seems like just yesterday I was sporting my "I Love Taylor Hanson" T-shirt and singing along to "MMMBop" in the back seat of my mom's mini-van. The Hanson brothers were all my nine-year-old friends and I could talk about in the late '90s. As a young fan, I can remember the constant battle of picking out the favorite brother. Some picked Issac, the oldest, some chose Zac, the youngest, but I was always personally a fan of the lead singer, Taylor. The fact that they were three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma made them appeal to a wide variety of Americans who could somehow relate to these musicians. Now, the brothers are married with children, and are clearly not teenage boys anymore. Isaac is 29, Taylor is 27 and Zac is 24. So where did their career take them in the new millennium?

Based on their visit to the MTV Newsroom on Wednesday afternoon (June 16), they are as busy as they ever have been, staying on the road and dropping albums along the way (including the extremely underrated 2004 release Underneath, which has a song called "Penny and Me" that absolutely rules). Underneath managed to debut at #25 on the Billboard album chart, a testament to the devotion of their fans and the band's continued commitment to them. They just released their latest album Shout it Out last week, an album that scored a bunch of attention because of the band's "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" video, a clip that went viral because of its homage to the classic film "The Blues Brothers."

What's their secret? After the interview, it seems to me that the brothers still have that great camaraderie that their teen fans recognized over a decade ago. Their music has definitely become more refined, but their love for their fans remains the same. In the interview, they even talked about the World Cup and how they appeal to an average American, something that I've always admired them for. They express their excitement to tour this summer (the trek launches on July 21) and their desire to keep doing what they love.
So while Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers might have worked their way into teenage stardom, the Hanson brothers will always remain in my heart — no matter how old we get.

This week at Hanson.net

Valentine's Chocolate

Got a sweet tooth? We are bringing back gourmet Hanson chocolates for Valentine's Day, but this time in style. Flavors include Ikespresso, Tayriffic Chocolate, and Zacalicious Caramel. Look for them in the Hanson.net store at the end of the week.

The Giving Cup Coffee

We are very excited to be selling another roast of KIKOMBE CHA KUTOA Kenyan Coffee (The Giving Cup) along with a red mug. For those of you who want a wonderful cup of coffee that also supports a great cause, look for it in the store at the end of the week.

I Heart Hanson

In celebration of Valentines Day (the ultimate holiday of love), we have a brand new "I Heart Hanson" T-shirt inspired by The 113 Painting Book. Look for it at the end of the week in the Hanson.net store.

From the Band

We are just around the corner from the release of our second single "Give A Little." We have been putting the final touches on the "Give A Little" video, and working on remixes for the iTunes single release. They are turning out pretty cool. This week has also marked the beginning of designs for the first ever Hanson board game, Hansonopoly. The plan is to have it finished for Hanson Day this year, but we will be asking for a little help to finalize all the Chance and Community Chest cards. This may be even cooler then the Platinum Shout it Out Package, but we are big Monopoly fans.
Isaac, Taylor, and Zac

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Awesome pictures!

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Pictures from this week :)


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Vote for Hanson for Shorty Awards!

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In February, the nominees will be narrowed down to six finalists in each category. Winners will be determined by a combination of popular vote and by the members of the new Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences. An awards ceremony, complete with 140-character acceptance speeches, will be held in March in New York City.

More information on how the Shorty Awards work:


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So, its easy.
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Now its your turn. GO!

Hanson @ Halloween MOE :D

I'd like to thank @llikers for those amazing pictures. You're such an angel, girl. Keep rocking.
All this great pics are from OKC, 12/17/2010.

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Hanson planeja voltar ao Brasil para shows em 2011

Lembram dos Hanson? A geração com vinte e poucos, quase trinta anos, pode hoje olhar torto para ídolos teen como Justin Bieber, RDB, Jonas Brothers, Luan Santana, para falar de um brasileiro. Mas, com certeza, não se esqueceram dos seus, como os Hanson, os irmãos de cabelos longos e loiros que chegaram às paradas de sucesso de todo o mundo em 1997 com o hit MMMBop.

Na época, Ike, Tay e Zac tinham apenas 16, 13 e 11 anos e não eram apenas ídolos teens. Impressionavam os críticos com suas músicas, apesar de tão jovens. Na época, eles fizeram tanto sucesso que lançaram vários álbuns seguidos, dois por ano inclusive.

Mas a rotina enlouquecedora deu uma pausa após a turnê do disco This Time Around, em 2000. Depois disso, os Hanson passaram um período conflituoso, o que culminou com o jejum de quatro anos sem novos álbuns e o desligamente da gravadora Universal em 2003. Em 2004, eles lançam Underneath, agora com um selo próprio e independente.

O período sem novos trabalhos foi o suficiente para a banda perder o contato com os fãs brasileiros, apesar de terem feito duas turnês no país em 2000 e 2005, com shows inclusive em Belo Horizonte.


A verdade é que os Hanson nunca pararam de fazer música. Continuam gravando, lançando novos álbuns e fazendo shows, mas cortaram os cabelos, é verdade. Hoje mais velhos, eles planejam inclusive fazer shows no Brasil este ano. Mas isso só será possível se a rotina familiar permitir.

Os três são casados e já têm filhos. Ike (30 anos) tem dois meninos, Tay (27 anos) tem quatro e Zac (25 anos) tem um casal.

Eles lançaram em 2010 o álbum Shout it Out, co referências de soul e blues e o primeiro single, "Thinking ′Bout Somethin", ficou entre os primeiros da lista do myspace.

Mais informações sobre os Hanson no site oficial www.hanson.net e no MySpace da bandamyspace.com/hansonmusic.

Do Portal Uai

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Irmãos Hanson podem voltar em 2011: 'Sentimos muito falta do Brasil'

Em entrevista à 'Folha de S.Paulo', Isaac fala sobre a nova fase do trio.

Getty Images/Agência

O jornal "Folha de S.Paulo" trouxe nesta segunda-feira, 3, uma entrevista com Isaac, o irmão mais velho da banda "Hanson", que foi febre no mundo inteiro nos anos 90.

Zac, Taylor e Isaac, hoje com 25, 27 e 30 anos, respectivamente, seguem com a carreira e lotam shows com uma plateia que mescla novos e velhos fãs. "Alguns estão com a gente desde o começo. Daí temos os adolescentes que têm ido aos shows pela primeira vez. Outros são até mais velhos, são pais entre 40 e 45 anos com filhos de uns 20", contou Isaac à publicação.

Há cinco anos sem vir ao Brasil, o mais velho do trio disse ainda que 2011 pode ser o ano do retorno ao país. "Há anos a gente sente muita falta do Brasil! É sempre tão divertido tocar aí! A gente tem visto muitos fãs brasileiros com vontade de viajar até os EUA pra nos ver tocando. E pensamos: Por que a gente não está lá?", falou.

Sobre a nova fase, Isaaco afirmou que o estilo não mudou tanto e que muitas das músicas do início de carreira entrariam no novo álbum, "Shou it Out", lançado em 2010. "Não acho que elas sejam muito diferentes. Algumas não escreveríamos da mesma maneira, pelo fato de sermos dez anos mais velhos", explicou.

Hanson planeja turnê na América Latina em 2011, diz jornal

Trio lançou disco em 2010 e não se apresenta no Brasil desde 2005

Já está na hora de o Hanson voltar para o Brasil, não é? Pois nesta segunda-feira (3), a Folhateen publicou uma matéria sobre o trio que afirma ter planos de fazer uma turnê pela América Latina em 2011.

A última passagem de Zac, Taylor e Isaac pelo Brasil foi em 2005. O grupo já havia se apresentado por aqui em 2000.

Em conversa com a publicação, Isaac, o mais velho da banda, afirma que “sente falta do Brasil”.

- É sempre tão divertido tocar aí! A gente tem visto muitos fãs brasileiros com vontade de viajar até os EUA para nos ver tocando. E pensamos: por que a gente não está lá [no Brasil]?

Hanson lança clipe inspirado no filme Irmãos Cara de Pau

Conheça dez clipes que foram inspirados em filmes

Atualmente, o grupo trabalha na divulgação de seu último disco, Shout It Out, lançado em 2010.

Top 10 music moments of 2010

Published: 12/30/2010 2:33 AM
Last Modified: 12/30/2010 6:56 AM


5. A posthumous Michael Jackson album, “Michael,” is released. Guess what, there’s a tribute to Tulsa trio Hanson on there: “(I Like) The Way You Love Me.” The brothers told Spinner Magazine after Jackson’s unexpected death in 2009, “His entire 40-year career has been one of the greatest inspirations to our music.” Whoa. The Hansons even enlisted horn arranger and longtime Michael Jackson collaborator Jerry Hey on their 2010 album release, “Shout It Out.”

Com muitos filhos e disco novo, irmãos Hanson querem voltar ao Brasil neste ano


Pergunte às suas irmãs mais velhas quem eram os Jonas Brothers dos anos 90, e a resposta será: Hanson!

Depois do sucesso internacional iniciado em 1997, com direito a duas passagens pelo Brasil, o trio de irmãos cabeludos de Oklahoma (EUA) sumiu da mídia. Mas Zac, 25, Taylor, 27, e Isaac, 30, ainda lotam shows --quando não estão cuidando dos filhos.

O Folhateen acompanhou uma performance em Los Angeles (EUA).

A casa cheia reunia desde os fãs mais antigos até adolescentes. Hits como "MMMBop" e "Where's the Love" deram espaço às superagitadas canções do novo disco, "Shout it Out", lançado em 2010.

O vídeo da música "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'", em homenagem ao filme "The Blues Brothers", por exemplo, teve mais de 720 mil exibições no YouTube e conta com a participação de fãs.

Leia abaixo trechos da conversa com Isaac Hanson, o mais velho da banda.

Hanson em 2007

Há anos a gente sente muita falta do Brasil! É sempre tão divertido tocar aí! A gente tem visto muitos fãs brasileiros com vontade de viajar até os EUA para nos ver tocando. E pensamos: Por que a gente não está lá [no Brasil]?

Meus pais sempre nos deram coragem para assumir responsabilidades. Eles nos disseram que as coisas boas vêm com o esforço do trabalho. Não há nada melhor do que trabalhar em algo de que você gosta tanto. É trabalho que lhe faz bem ao final do dia porque você deu o melhor de si.

Alguns fãs estão com a gente desde o começo. Daí temos os adolescentes, que têm ido aos shows pela primeira vez. Outros são até mais velhos: são pais entre 40 e 45 anos, com filhos de uns 20 anos.

Acho que todas as músicas do nosso primeiro disco poderiam facilmente estar em um álbum novo do Hanson. Não acho que elas sejam muito diferentes. Algumas nós não escreveríamos da mesma maneira, pelo fato de sermos dez anos mais velhos.

Você pode ter 11, 16, 27 ou 35 anos e o conselho será o mesmo: foco na música. Há muitas coisas que não podem ser controladas, como se a rádio irá tocar sua música ou quantos dólares uma gravadora irá gastar para lançar seu CD. Mas você pode controlar a música que você faz. Honre o entusiasmo dos fãs.


Thanks to @Pernambulista

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