Friday, January 14, 2011

Hanson Get Checked Off The Boy Band Bucket List

The Backstreet Boys? Check. The Jonas Brothers? Done. *NSYNC? Absolutely. New Kids On The Block? Of course. 98 Degrees? Definitely. And now Hanson. Yes, "MMMBop" Hanson.

What in the world am I supposed to do next? Since birth, I've had a love for all things related to boy bands, those rare collections of young men who blend their voices and make girls hyperventilate with every harmony and high note. Actually, birth might be a stretch. Let's say kindergarten (also known as the very late '80s) when New Kids on the Block were at the height of their popularity. It all started with their sugary sweet pop tunes about girls, love and the ability to hang tough. 

And then my love of boy band pop music took off from there. (You could even argue it moved step by step.) Sure, I've loved all types of music in my life, but there was always something about cute guys singing about the trials and tribulations of love that made me swoon.

So, now that I am "professional" journalist, I get the chance to interview those bands. Almost all of those bands, actually. So far, I've interviewed at least one member from almost every major boy band of the last two decades or so (as listed above). Thanks to my incredibly fun chat with Hanson yesterday, I've come one step closer to retirement. 

.....[ Hanson Say Their Show With Drake Was 'Canceled Just In Time' --- 'With that many people, it got out of hand,' Zac Hanson says of the scheduled NYC concert.

Not since a Justin Bieber show has there been such a pre-concert riot. On Tuesday night, when Drake and Hanson were scheduled to play a free show in New York, the crowd got a bit too overzealous for security, prompting the concert to be canceled. 

"It was still a big show; there was just no music involved, and instead of throwing out the rock sign, it was more of a 'let's throw chairs and some potted plants and anything else we can get our hands on,' " Zac Hanson told MTV News on Wednesday (June 16). "It was unexpected. There wasn't enough security and organization, and everyone was just so surprised by the turnout, and with that many people, it got out of hand. They canceled it just in time, I think." 

Taylor Hanson said the artists still wanted to put on the show, but the NYPD decided it was too dangerous to even try. "I will say simply that, since last night happened, it's been all over the place, and there's been all kinds of different comments," he said. "And I know that Drake's people, [concert organizer] Paper magazine, everyone in our camp totally wanted it to happen. And it really came down to the city going, 'Hey, this is not safe.' " 

The guys said they have yet to catch up with Drake since it all went down. "Everybody has been a little bit shocked at the fact that things went down last night the way they did," Taylor said. "We've already thrown it out there that we should get the Drake/Hanson combination happening with more [preparation]."....]

Well, not really. But you get my point. I am not in an existential crisis, but I am wondering: What do I do next? What else is there to accomplish? And are BBMak available for comment?

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