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New Hanson (Taylor) Pictures.


Hanson Interview – 100 Club, London

Hanson shot to fame in 1997 with their massive hit ‘Mmmbop’. They’ve now been together 14 years and the last time they played a London show was over 3 years ago. So how excited were we when we found out they were playing a last minute one off show here in London Town.
We caught up with the boys before the show at 100 club on Oxford street where they played to a capacity of 300 people, to find out why they decided to play here and when we can expect to get our hands on their album ‘Shout It Out’
The tiny underground club is under threat to be closed so Hanson were more than happy to be joining the campaign by making their tickets FREE, and instead letting fans make donations towards helping the club stay open.

Interview by Maria Hanley.
Photo’s By Matthew Corcoran and Vanessa Middleton.

So what’s the story behind tonight’s show ‘Meet Me In The Middle’?

Zac: Well we decided to give the show a name because we thought it would be more fun and we decided just a couple of days ago that it would be stupid to go back to the States without playing a show. Even though we are planning to come back in the spring when we release our record ‘Shout It Out’ to play shows and do more, we thought let’s do something. As for the name, we knew fans were going to come from all over because we haven’t played in a while so we thought let’s just go with that and give it a name which makes sense…
Isaac: It’s in the middle of London.
Taylor: It’s less like a tour it’s more like a quick gathering. We were in France at the time and Zac was in the states so we thought that’s the middle between the two and we’re in GMT time zone which is central….
Isaac: Everything is based on GMT…It’s the middle…middle time zone….‘Meet Me In The Middle’

Your fans are known for being fiercely loyal…

Yeah, we could start an army. I think they would kill for us…

If you were to gain such commercial success as you were in the ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ era, do you feel that the fans would resent it?

Isaac: I really hope not.
Taylor…I think there’s a certain groups of fans that would resent other fans who weren’t there forever but I don’t think they would resent us. It’s not something you can control, you know how it is when you love something.

Do you try balance the new fans to the old?

Isaac: Well we balance it by doing things like this.
Taylor: Within the website we have like seniority, so if you’ve been to 100 shows or to this many meet and greets than they know and we also know, and they wear that kind of like a badge. So, Ok you’re a fan but we’ve done this and this. And of course, every band wants to play stadiums and every band wants to be the biggest in the world but I think what we’ve done here, we will always have that plan that says there’s that little corner, we have those seats at the front for the fan club and we will do those special stuff like today for instance where we have a separate line outside for the fan club members.

Speakers Blown inform Hanson that there is no separate queue and it has turned into mayhem outside…
Isaac: Well, we will be organising that.
Taylor: I think everyone knows because we say it a lot that we are very preservative, We do not take it for granted at all.
Is there a European release date for ‘Shout It Out’?
Zac: Right now there isn’t a date, but we’re planning spring, so let’s call it June!
Isaac: Well June is not really spring but things will be happening in spring…
Zac: Yes it is…it’s spring.
Zac and Isaac continue bickering about when spring starts…
Isaac: You’re right it is
Zac: April, May, June is spring, July is the start of summer and January, February and March is winter.
Isaac: Zac, Zac…Doesn’t matter…You’re right……Moving on.

You became very famous very young, how do you feel about the young pop stars of today?

Zac: I don’t think we feel anything…Well, we were always artists first, that’s the difference with us and some other young stars, and we didn’t have a TV show or a movie that made us famous…
Isaac: …we could of…
Zac: ….we were lucky that what we wanted to do was be song writers and play music, so we wrote songs and played concerts without trying to do the whole cliché thing, we just thought what would Led Zeppelin do, so we didn’t have any dolls or lunchboxes…
Isaac: …again, we could have…
Taylor: Truth is, we were quite starane as an entity because we were so young we really didn’t do anything stereotypical to what people expected of us but we were just very lucky and had a huge hit at the front of our career. We didn’t do this to have a hit, get our cheque and go home. I will say the music business is hard whether your 40 or 10.
Zac: Even more so when your 10.
Taylor: It’s intense, difficult.

Would you let your kids follow in the same steps?

Taylor: They would have to not be able to not do it.
Zac: We would never ‘let them’ it would be…
Isaac: They would have to be doing it so well that you would have to support them.
Taylor: We can’t stop you because you’re going to do it and that’s the way it was with us and our parents, they never said you should be in a band, we were just insanely driven and we couldn’t turn it off, we were addicted and we couldn’t stop. Otherwise you would get a real job.
Isaac: Real jobs are a lot more reliable!
Speakers Blown: …but a lot more boring!
Zac: Been a musician is definitely a rollercoaster, you are sometimes way up and sometimes you are down but it’s all part of the joy, living with the emotion and writing songs that connect with people for the rest of their lives
Taylor: Trying to figure out how you say things and feel and putting it into a song and breaking it down so that it’s something people can relate to.
So you released Great Divide for Aids, are you still passionate about it and are you going to do any walks over here in the UK?
Taylor: Yeh, definitely, we  have continued to do the walks in the states and when we tour here in the UK we will do them, sometimes it is hard to do them out of English speaking places.
Zac: Or some dangerous countries.
Isaac: Not so much that factor but we don’t speak Portuguese or Spanish, and it is very, very difficult in the heat of the moment to communicate so not only would we have a communication barrier but our Latin fans are amazing and are known for intensity and passion, which could create a little bit of a challenge.
Zac: We continue to do walks in the States on every tour, every show and the only time we tend to cancel or don’t do them is when it is over 120 degrees or below 0 degrees.
Isaac: We’ve done over 150 of them.
Taylor: We had to choose to prioritise our mental energy but the walks continue to happen and a lot of people have never done it with us but have done a lot of organising and a lot of walks on their own.
Speakers Blown: They have actually done a walk over here in the UK.
Zac: More walks have been hosted by other people than we’ve hosted
Isaac: and more importantly more miles
Speakers Blown: We want to go on one…
Isaac: When we’re back in the UK there will definitely be one if not multiple walks
Zac: We’re definitely going to keep doing it and will be something we’ll be doing for most of our lives, which is unfortunate because it means there is still an issue in the world and it cannot be easily fixed, we have to talk about it and be a part of solving.
Taylor: It’s quite crazy because this album ‘Shout It Out’ is very positive, very emotive, it’s not about our trip in Africa like the walks were but what we’ve seen is the story and the mission is still there and that’s what we we’re trying to say to people is look, you can dance in the street and then you can also turn around and do something serious like take a walk, because that’s life, it isn’t about just forgetting serious stuff and having fun.
Isaac: Realising there together
Taylor: You’ve just got to do it all and make it happen while you’re there.

If the world was about to end and you had the chance to listen to one last song whether it be yours or someone’s else’s, what song would it be?

Zac: Oh God!! *bursts into song* ‘I’ll stop the world and…’ urmm, world themes or ‘Start The Fire’ By Billy Joel…..sorry I’m just trying to think of world themes….
Isaac: Something like ‘Amazing Grace’ by Elvis or ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ by Jonny Cash
Speakers Blown: But it’s the end of the world, wouldn’t you want to celebrate your lives?
Isaac: No I want to have a moment to contemplate.
Zac: How is the world ending? Is it exploding? Is it asteroids or is it aliens? Or zombie apocalypse?
Isaac: If it’s Zombie apocalypse you would want something high voltage like ACDC.
Taylor: Zombie apocalypse you’re probably fighting to your death right, so you would want something really motivated and aggressive but if it’s an asteroid hitting earth than you would want something kind of smooth.
Zac: Depending on how you lived your life you might want to go with ‘High Way To Hell’
Isaac: *bursts into song* ‘I’m on the highway to hell’
Speakers Blown: Or ‘Stairway To Heaven?’
Taylor: Stairway to Heaven or Highway To Hell? Which one would you choose? Although in all seriousness I would probably go forWonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong. I can just picture the end of a movie with everything slowly exploding….*bursts into song* ‘What a wonderful world…’ and it dies out.
Thanks a lot guys!

A message from Hanson - MOE

Well the wait is over you can RSVP for the MAY 14th Members Only Event in Tulsa
           It has been coming for a while and now it is finaly up.  May may be more then two months away, but trust me time will fly by quickly.  I have been getting some questions about the event and I thought I would share the answers here for everybody.
  • Will Hanson be hosting a walk as a part of the May 14th MOE?  We have decided to do two smaller shows on the 14th to keep things intimate,  rather then one big show, but that is going to make for a very full day.  As we get closer to the event and details come together something may change, but for now we are not planning a walk on the 14th
  • Can I bring a guest?  We don't allow guests, because the concert is free.  In a way joining the fanclub is like buying a concert ticket, and it is about the same price as a lot of shows?
  • Will you be aLive streaming the shows?  There is a very good chance we will be streaming one of the shows, or something during the day, but our focus right now is on the concert and makeing it a great experience.  Any details about streaming will be announced closer to the event.
  • This is my first time to Tulsa, Where should I go while I'm there?  We are going to put together a little guide to Tulsa as a part of the event.  We will be e-mailing it out at the begaining of May, so look for something then.
          I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Tulsa in a few month, I hope this MOE will be our best yet.

- Zac Hanson

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Hanson Perform Soul-Infused 'Give A Little' On The Tonight Show

To those not paying attention, Hanson disappeared after "Mmmbop"-mania died down sometime in late 1997, but to their fiercely loyal Fanson army the band of brothers has continued to be the only group that matters. They dropped by The Tonight Show last night to play their new track "Give A Little." The soul-infused song proves that they're way beyond their bubblegum Middle of Nowhere days, even if they're now able to walk into a mall without insane hordes of teenage girls nearly shutting the place down. Fun fact: Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson have a total of eight children among them.

The Boys Before Bieber: Our Top Ten Teen Crushes

The Boys Before Bieber: Our Top Ten Teen Crushes

Much like the rest of the world, we've got Bieber fever, and it's going to take more than a haircut to cool us down.

While Justin Bieber's incredible rise to stardom has left us dumbstruck, conflicted and a little lovesick, when we're not hyperventilating and listening to 'Baby' on repeat, we try to remind ourselves that, like everything in life, this too shall pass.

Whether the Biebs has minutes or decades of success in his future remains unknown, but it's likely his diehard fans won't forget about him any time soon. Even in our own hardened hearts, we still have fondness for the dreamboats of yore, teen idols sent back into the wild to explore what life away from throngs of screaming fans is really like.

After the jump, we count down our biggest pre-Bieber celebrity crushes.


5. Taylor Hanson

So what if his fame was born out of a song about gibberish? So what if he was prettier than most of the girls his age? Taylor Hanson has never stopped making us want to stand outside a mall screaming his name.

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Hanson lança o clipe da música "Give A Little"

A banda Hanson, que andava um pouco sumida da mídia nos últimos anos, surgiu no início desta semana com o segundo videoclipe do álbum "Shout It Out", lançado em 2010.

O vídeo da faixa "Give A Little" é dançante e mostra que, apesar do novo visual dos garotos, o grupo mantém a essência que o levou ao estrelato no final dos anos 1990.

O primeiro single do álbum que marca o retorno do Hanson foi a faixa "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'", que ganhou um clipe em abril do ano passado.

Assista "Give a Little", da banda Hanson:

Some 'Give a Little' pictures

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New Hanson Video debuts at VH1's No. 1

Published: 2/23/2011 2:25 AM
Last Modified: 2/23/2011 6:14 AM

A whole lot of Tulsans had their hands in the making of Hanson's new video, "Give a Little," which premiered at No. 1 on VH1's Top 20 this week.

Involved were lead producer, editor and photographer Paul Lawson, local dance choreographer Heather Hall of Studio ONE, photographer Kelly Kerr, local dancers and the entire Hanson crew, said Kerr.

The tune is from the Tulsa trio's 2010 studio album release, "Shout it Out," on locally based 3CG Records.

"This was filmed about the same time as their last video," said Kerr. Their last, "Thinking 'Bout Somethin' " was also a popular tune. "This is the same crew and same dancers."

To see the video, go to

Where Are They Now? - Boys Band

#13. Zac Hanson is all grown up! And a dad! The youngest Hanson member is now 25 and a lot has changed since his "MMMBop" days. He now runs his own record label, 3CG Records, with his brothers and is a happy husband and father. He started dating Kate Tucker in 2001, popped the question in 2005 and they got hitched in 2006. The happy couple had their first child in May 2008 and their second was born in December 2010.

#14. Taylor Hanson is about to be 28. Since his days in Hanson he's continued to pursue music by starting his own record company with his bros, and more recently he formed a new band called Tinted Windows. The group put out their first album in 2009 and even played at SXSW that year. He is married a gal named Natalie Ann Bryant in 2002 after they were introduced by roadies in 2000, and they now have four children together!

#15. The senior Hanson brother Isaac is now 30 and helps his brothers run 3CG Records. He got married in 2006 to Nicole Dufrense after meeting her while she was at Hanson's 2003 concert in New Orleans. He plucked her out of the 5th row and they've been happy together ever since! They have two sons together.

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Hanson Say 'Give A Little' Video 'Makes You Love The Song More'


The Hanson brothers released their latest music video, for their single "Give a Little," on Tuesday (February 22). The sparse performance video for the Shout It Out track seamlessly includes dancers of all backgrounds showing off their skills. It's a far cry from last year's over-the-top clip for "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'," an homage to the Blues Brothers.

Crediting much of the success of "Thinking 'Bout Somethin' " to the video itself, Taylor Hanson said the guys have a new mission with this video.

"With the 'Give A Little' video, we're more thinking, 'Hey this is about creating a template, a backdrop that just makes you love the song more,' " he explained to MTV News. "The difference with this song and the video is that it's much simpler and much more about getting the song ingrained in your mind, thus was a very different thing."

The video is, in fact, pretty simple: It features cardboard cutouts, ballerinas, dancing couples, some paint splatter and even hip-hop dancers. The guys get in the action during a big dance break, playing instruments while surrounded by the clip's various performers.

"When we made the video, it was kind of the release after the high production of 'Thinking 'Bout Somethin', " Taylor explained. "With the 'Give a Little' video, it's almost back to the blank slate. We invited all these dancers. We just set up a room, cranked up the music and threw a party and let people dance. The attitude is not about everyone doing the same moves; it's about putting a unique twist."

The video's dance theme makes tons of sense, given the song's lyrics, including "Let your body lose control" and "You know she just wants to dance." The guys explained that while they aren't known for their killer moves, they enjoy the vibe that a song like this puts into the world.

"There's this energy to it," Taylor said. "Strangely, there's this dance theme. We're not known for our dancing, but dancing is this metaphor that's in the record. Kind of, 'Get out there and let loose.'

"Spring will be here before we know it, and the song is upbeat and hopefully engaging."

Give us your review of the 'Give a Little' video in the comments section below!

Os garotos do 'MMMBop' estão de volta [portuguese]

Estreou hoje, 22 de fevereiro, na VH-1, "Give a Little", o novo videoclipe do grupo norte-americano Hanson, formado pelos irmãos Isaac, Taylor e Zac.

Para canção super dançante, o diretor britânico Todd Edwards, mais conhecido como produtor e artista de música eletrônica realizou algo bem simples, mas criativo na utilização de cores e a divisão da tela em duas partes verticais, com dançarinos arrasando e várias brincadeiras audiovisuais, como um dos rapazes puxando a cor azul para o fundo da tela como se fosse uma cortina.

Essa é a segunda faixa do álbum "Shout It Out", lançado em 2010. A primeira havia sido "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'", que recebeu um videoclipe também bastante divertido, dirigido pelo mesmo Todd Edwards, com os mesmos dançarinos. Nele, Taylor aparece tocando piano de óculos escuros numa loja de instrumentos musicais e, aos poucos, vai conquistando com sua música quem está no local ou passando em frente, na Greenwood Avenue, em Tulsa, nos Estados Unidos, onde a banda se formou. No final, uma verdadeira multidão dança feliz pela avenida, liderada pelos garotos, numa cena típica de filme musical, já repetida inúmeras vezes em videoclipes.

O Hanson fez grande sucesso em 1997, com o hit "MMMBop", que atingiu o topo das paradas no mundo inteiro, levou os garotos de 11, 13 e 16 anos ao estrelato e teve videoclipe que mostrava os então meninos tocando numa casa e se divertindo pelas ruas da cidade, por uma caverna, pela praia e de patins. O álbum "Middle of Nowhere", lançado pela gravadora Mercury Records, levou o Grammy de melhor gravação do ano, artista revelação e melhor performance pop de dueto ou grupo no ano seguinte.

Hanson's All Growns Up

Teeny-bopper, mmm-boppers, Hanson are back with a new song. The video for “Give a Little” from their latest album Shout it Out is still jump-up-and-down while you chew your bubble gum fun, but with a slightly more adult feel. Like maybe you’re chewing Orbitz instead of Bubble Yum. I still can’t believe they have facial hair. I feel like a perv for thinking they’re cute. What do you think of their new single? [ONTD]

Hanson – Give a Little (portuguese)

por André Felipe de Medeiros @

Time que está ganhando continua ganhando até segunda ordem, certo? É o que parece acontecer com os irmãos Hanson, que após mais de uma década sem conseguir expandir muito seu público, lançou o ótimo Thinking ‘Bout Something’ com seu feeling retrô e uma divertida coreografia, finalmente chamando a atenção de mais gente além de sua (grande) comunidade de fãs, na maioria fiéis desde a época de MMMBop.

O novo Give a Little mantém o mesmo clima leve, animado e colorido do primeiro vídeo do disco Shout it Out. As cores primárias, inclusive, pontuam o clipe nos momentos certos para preencher o espaço em branco – que, por sua vez, destaca e valoriza os elementos em cena.
E os tais elementos são casais dançando em clima de improviso, dançarinos exibindo suas habilidades e até bebês que arrancam aqueles sorrisos inevitáveis. O próprio trio arrisca novamente alguns passos, ao mesmo tempo que brincam com tintas e instrumentos de sopro. A produção parece muito os vídeos feitos para TV no fim da década de 80 e começo de 90, o que vai conferir ainda mais sorrisos para quem viveu aquela época.

Video Premiere: Hanson's 'Give a Little'

February 22, 2011 07:24:25 GMT
Taylor and his Hanson brothers/bandmates release another dance-themed music video which adds more fun with paint-splattering scenes.

After taking a large number of people to create a spontaneous outburst of dancing on the streets in "Thinking 'Bout Somethin' " music video, now have another fun in a newly-debuted clip for their second single "Give a Little". They are jamming to the funky beat while people are dancing around the screen. In one point, they spray paint to the camera.

In the filming, "they give a little video has real life paint splattering in it, made by building a plexi glass box around the camera and filling water balloons with paint, and them throwing them at the glass in order to make them burst." Taylor Hanson shared of the said scene, "I of course volunteered for this job."

"And [I] got more than I bargained for with the first balloon exploding in my face, (tasty). Anyways, it was actually great, and I have on more than one occasion worn the clothes that were used and now covered in paint...cause well they look awesome."

"Give a Little" is lifted from Hanson's 2010 studio album "". "[It] is the perfect connector to the first single," Taylor told MTV. "There's this energy to it. Strangely, there's this dance theme. We're not known for our dancing, but dancing is this metaphor that's in the record."

Hanson's "Give a Little" music video

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Pick-and-Pop: All-time teen pop starting five

“Pick-and-Pop” is a new pop culture-based column from TBJ correspondent Andrew Unterberger. It’ll be here every Thursday. Enjoy.
When it was announced that Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber would be participating in this year’s highly-anticipated Celebrity All-Star Game, it seemed the most natural of fits. A multi-million-selling teen idol with a much-imitated haircut and his very own swagger coach, The Bieb clearly possesses the natural balling instincts needed to thrive in such a cutthroat competition. What’s more, as demonstrated in his face-offs with hoop greats Shaquille O’Neal and Usher, the pipsqueak is not without some moves (though his mid-range game appears to still be a little raw — give it time).
So naturally, this begs the question: What teen pop stars of years past might have made for similar no-brainer selections to the Celebrity All-Star Game?
Well, after giving the matter some thought, I’ve come up with a potential starting five. All Bird/Magic-era forward, of course — Leif Garrett and Donny Osmond might have been scoring dynamos in their days, but who knows how their stats would translate to modern times?

Lil’ Bow Wow
Team Role
: Point guard, crowd-pleaser
Pro Equivalent
: Allen Iverson, with Nate Robinson temperament
Game: Get the obvious one out of the way first, as LBW is the only member of Team Teen Pop (let’s call ‘em the Platinums — too bad there’s already a pro team in Orlando) with his own movie showcasing his arguably CGI-enhanced baller skills. Nonetheless, Bow Wow did show off some legit-looking chops in his star vehicle, with the speed, creativity, and high basketball IQ needed to lead the Platinums to success. A predilection towards showboating means that Bow Wow might occasionally need a strong coaching influence to keep him in check, but I believe the team-first instincts are there. Observe these lyrics from his ‘02 revision of Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball” — “My favorite play is the alley-oop / I like the pick-and-roll / I like the give-and-go / It’s basketball, Bow Wow, let’s go.” Clearly, a teen who knows that pro ball is more than just one-on-one showmanship.

“Marky” Mark Wahlberg
Team Role
: Undersized power forward, enforcer
Pro Equivalent
: DeJuan Blair with more technical fouls
Game: Relatively short (only 5-foot-7, who knew?) but impossibly hotheaded and juiced to the nines, honorary New Kid and eventual Funky Bunch ringleader Mark Wahlberg is probably the closest thing the Platinums could come up with to an on-court intimidator. Yeah, he’d probably drive his coach insane by gambling on defense and getting called for countless dumb fouls, but would you want to drive the lane against this guy? His game rep might be hurt a little by his team’s infamous meltdown in his final game for St. Vitus high school, but he was already 24 and rail-thin by that point (and also whacked out of his mind on downers), so we’ll try not to hold that against him.

Bobby Brown
Team Role
: Shooting guard, unapologetic gunner
Pro Equivalent
: Young Kobe Bryant, slightly more intelligible Nick Young
Game: They say he’s nasty, but he don’t give a damn — getting buckets is how he lives. Arguably the most egomaniacal and narcissistic star in a profession loaded with narcissists and egomaniacs, Bobby Brown’s tenure with New Edition and especially his subsequent breakout solo career show he would have been right at home with the wayward souls of the Dream Team II-era NBA. Still, when the shots were falling — as with the five straight top ten singles off of “Don’t Be Cruel” — no one could light it up quite like Bobby. However, the Platinums just might need to bring in Ronnie, Ricky and Mike in as assistant coaches to occasionally remind Bobby, to y’know, slow his roll once in a while.

Isaac Hanson
Team Role
: Post defender, general glue guy
Pro Equivalent
: Socially awkward Chuck Hayes
Game: On a team so chock-full of stars, we need at least one guy willing to take a backseat and do the dirty work. Isaac Hanson, constantly overshadowed during his titular band’s success by their precocious drummer and hot-chick singer, knows that sometimes it’s the solid, underappreciated guitar work of a starting lineup that prevents the whole team from ultimately going off the rails. As the elder statesman of Hanson at 17 years young, Isaac also provides veteran leadership, and uses his pro savvy to do all the little things that don’t show up in the box score. Besides, our team is badly lacking in the height department, and at 5′10″, Isaac is basically the Shawn Bradley of the Platinums.

Britney Spears
Team Role
: Designated sharpshooter
Pro Equivalent
: Kyle Korver (with breasts), Eddy Curry (without everything except the breasts)
Game: Given that the Celebrity All-Star Game is the one primary event of the NBA season to encourage inter-gendered team play, it would seem a shame not to include at least one female teen pop star on the Platinums. The choices are not great, I’ll give you, but I ended up with Britney for two reasons — her oft-reported Kobe-like work ethic when it comes to physical fitness (minus that two or three year period last decade where things got a little weird), and that shot of her furtively spinning the basketball in the “…Baby One More Time” video. I dunno, seems like she might have the jock gene in her somewhere. Run her off some hard screens four or five times a game, let her fire away and see what happens.
Did I miss anyone? Pissed off at my lack of Backstreet Boys or N Sync members? (Considered including JT, but figured that’d cause locker-room weirdness with Britney.) Lemme know.

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One more Isaac...


Hanson Live Stream • Prints

Did you miss it? Here's some prints for you.

Hope you like it ♥

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When YOUTUBE ask...

We have to do!
After updating my YT account with Give a Little new video, I received this e-mail from YT:

Dear mmmboped,
Your video, Hanson Give A Little official video, may have content that is owned or licensed by WMG.
No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.


- The YouTube Team

Well, at least, I tryed. Sorry guys.

Give a Little video!

If you cant see this video, here's some prints.

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