Monday, February 28, 2011

A message from Hanson - MOE

Well the wait is over you can RSVP for the MAY 14th Members Only Event in Tulsa
           It has been coming for a while and now it is finaly up.  May may be more then two months away, but trust me time will fly by quickly.  I have been getting some questions about the event and I thought I would share the answers here for everybody.
  • Will Hanson be hosting a walk as a part of the May 14th MOE?  We have decided to do two smaller shows on the 14th to keep things intimate,  rather then one big show, but that is going to make for a very full day.  As we get closer to the event and details come together something may change, but for now we are not planning a walk on the 14th
  • Can I bring a guest?  We don't allow guests, because the concert is free.  In a way joining the fanclub is like buying a concert ticket, and it is about the same price as a lot of shows?
  • Will you be aLive streaming the shows?  There is a very good chance we will be streaming one of the shows, or something during the day, but our focus right now is on the concert and makeing it a great experience.  Any details about streaming will be announced closer to the event.
  • This is my first time to Tulsa, Where should I go while I'm there?  We are going to put together a little guide to Tulsa as a part of the event.  We will be e-mailing it out at the begaining of May, so look for something then.
          I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Tulsa in a few month, I hope this MOE will be our best yet.

- Zac Hanson

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