Monday, February 14, 2011

I always wanted to marry Taylor Hanson.

Everyone knows that I know Hanson since 1997. I was spending the summer at the beach and a friend showed me MMMBop. I loved it. But I will come to you, was like love at first sight. But it was nothing like the impact that the boys did in my life, I was sure in my heart that someday I would marry Taylor Hanson.

I know, you can laugh. These things get to be funny, after fourteen years, but I remember that at that time was very difficult. As well, a dolecente southern Brazil could be so bold that she could be sure that would marry a boy from the United States? Madness. The interesting thing was that I was not alone in this boat, I knew many other girls that felt the same thing for him. Hanson was composed of three boys, but we were fighting for just one: Taylor.

The situation was so serious and so out of control, when I found out that Taylor was dating Natalie, I tore two posters that I had with his face and spent a week crying. I remember also that I thought it would be very easy to make him forget Natalie and stay with me. - I said it was funny.

The years passed and I had the great opportunity to come face to face with him. It was in 2005. I went to my first Hanson concert and won a Meet and Greet Hanson. That moment was unforgettable. Look into the eyes of Taylor Hanson without that glass of television among us was annoying. Those eyes were magic, and I had even more certainty about what I was felling. What could I do? You have to agree that Taylor is very handsome and cute and kind. Who would not be in love with him?

I'll have to admit that even after all these years, it is very difficult to know what life is like that and we have to accept life as it is. I'm about to marry my fiance and neither looks like Taylor Hanson, in fact he is jealous of him. Well, I can imagine why.

After a few years having to deal with it, and having to understand that not everything we want is possible, and knowing a little better about their personal lives, I can say with sure that Natalie is doing a great job and I could not do better job than hers. They have beautiful children and are happy. How can I fight this? I just accepted. And I'm happy to follow their lives and be happy how things worked out for me. I am very happy with my fiancé, and ... one thing will never change in my life ...: I always wanted to marry Taylor Hanson.

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