Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Splash Of Color - By Taylor Hanson

Soon the Give A Little single plus the video will start to get out into the world. Since we made the video several months ago i have been sitting on a batch of pics from the shoot, specifically ones that capture the EXPLODING water balloons full of paint....you will understand better when you see the vid.

So to play on the Shout It Out theme of paint and bright colors. The give a little video has real life paint splattering in it, made by building a plexi glass box around the camera and filling water balloons with paint, and them throwing them at the glass in order to make them burst.

I of course volunteered for this job, and got more than i bargained for with the first balloon exploding in my face, (tasty). Anyways, it was actually great, and I have on more than one occasion worn the clothes that were used and now covered in paint...cause well they look awesome.

Enjoy a few pics of the splattering in action.


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