Friday, February 11, 2011

Hanson's Loving Tips: How To Dominate Valentine's Like A Hanson

The three dashing gentlemen in Hanson aren't the first people we'd ask for romantic advice (Tracy Morgan wins that honor). After all, they're young, married and, let's be honest, so cute and famous that they've had women throwing themselves at them for their entire lives. These guys have never had to work for it!

Well, we're idiots, because the advice Hanson gave us for Valentine's Day was brilliant. They passed on ideas for specific dates (take her swimming with dolphins, then have dolphin for dinner), foolproof ways to pick up hotties (go to a Hanson concert, sing a few lines and bingo!) and tips on how to cultivate a personal appearance that ladies will love (look like Fabio). Check out Hanson's Loving Tips below and then start growing that hair out.

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