Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day ... From Zac.

Hope everyone had a great day with the one/ones you love. Even if the one you love is yourself.
In the last few years greeting cards with music have become all the rage, and there is even an "MMMBop" birthday card.  Even though getting your music on a sining card can be great this very evening I realized that singing cards are not the greatest idea when my 2 year old son received a card that sang YOU MAKE ME WANT TO SHOUT!  it seemed sweet at first, but as soon as he realized he can start and stop the song at will, the song became YOU MAKE ME WAN... YOU MAKE M... YOU MAKE... YA!.. YA!.. YA!.. YA!


LMAO! Great post, zac!

By: Hanson.net

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