Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Are They Now? - Boys Band

#13. Zac Hanson is all grown up! And a dad! The youngest Hanson member is now 25 and a lot has changed since his "MMMBop" days. He now runs his own record label, 3CG Records, with his brothers and is a happy husband and father. He started dating Kate Tucker in 2001, popped the question in 2005 and they got hitched in 2006. The happy couple had their first child in May 2008 and their second was born in December 2010.

#14. Taylor Hanson is about to be 28. Since his days in Hanson he's continued to pursue music by starting his own record company with his bros, and more recently he formed a new band called Tinted Windows. The group put out their first album in 2009 and even played at SXSW that year. He is married a gal named Natalie Ann Bryant in 2002 after they were introduced by roadies in 2000, and they now have four children together!

#15. The senior Hanson brother Isaac is now 30 and helps his brothers run 3CG Records. He got married in 2006 to Nicole Dufrense after meeting her while she was at Hanson's 2003 concert in New Orleans. He plucked her out of the 5th row and they've been happy together ever since! They have two sons together.

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