Friday, February 25, 2011

The Boys Before Bieber: Our Top Ten Teen Crushes

The Boys Before Bieber: Our Top Ten Teen Crushes

Much like the rest of the world, we've got Bieber fever, and it's going to take more than a haircut to cool us down.

While Justin Bieber's incredible rise to stardom has left us dumbstruck, conflicted and a little lovesick, when we're not hyperventilating and listening to 'Baby' on repeat, we try to remind ourselves that, like everything in life, this too shall pass.

Whether the Biebs has minutes or decades of success in his future remains unknown, but it's likely his diehard fans won't forget about him any time soon. Even in our own hardened hearts, we still have fondness for the dreamboats of yore, teen idols sent back into the wild to explore what life away from throngs of screaming fans is really like.

After the jump, we count down our biggest pre-Bieber celebrity crushes.


5. Taylor Hanson

So what if his fame was born out of a song about gibberish? So what if he was prettier than most of the girls his age? Taylor Hanson has never stopped making us want to stand outside a mall screaming his name.

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