Tuesday, December 06, 2011

MMMHop: Hanson Make an IPA


For their newest project, the three brothers are changing up their attack on your palate, this time swinging the bitter punch that only one thing can bring -- hops. That's right,Hanson announced at a talk/concert at Oxford this week that starting early next year they will be selling an India Pale Ale called MMMHop. And no, they're not joking.
When Hanson rose to fame only two of the three brothers were old enough to see PG-13 movies, and the vast majority of their fans were shuttled to and from concerts in their parents' packed mini vans. In the 13 or so years since MMMBop dominated the airwaves, the band, and presumably their fan base, have grown up, and each Hanson brother now has kids of his own. Whether MMMHop is a PR stunt meant to get the band back in the spotlight and showcase their maturity, a merchandising move to take advantage of the growing craft beer market, or a new passion project for the bros is unclear, but regardless of the motivation we're definitely prepared to give their brew a shot. Soon enough Hanson will be making us bitter again, but this time we might actually enjoy it.

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