Thursday, December 01, 2011

5 Minutes with Hanson

Hanson (© PA)Hanson explain why they think X Factor is "all about the drama", and tell us what they really thought of Janet Devlin's performance of MmmBop. 

Rockband Hanson have just finished the last date on their latest world tour. The three brothers seemed relaxed and happy when we caught them, just hours before performing their last date at the Indigo2 arena, London. They took a few minutes to tell us about what they imagine Celine Dion could win, Janet Devlin's shocking performance of their hit song Mmmbop and how they think X Factor impacts upon the music industry.

Hello Hanson! Recently there has been a lot of press attention surrounding Janet Devlin's performance of your hit Mmmbop. Did you see the performance? What do you really think about it?
Let's just say this: she doesn't need us to remind her it wasn't the greatest performance, but we're flattered. Any time your song is referred to as classic enough for people to want to play it on shows like that, because people know what it is.

So you found it complimentary?

Hanson (© PA)Do you think that reality TV shows such as X Factor and American Idol are beneficial to the music industry?
You have to put it in perspective of what they really are, which is ultimately, TV. Entertaining television, and no matter how great the artists are, no matter how great the music is [or not], the focus of those shows is about making entertainment for the TV audience. It's about the dramas and the things that go on that make people want to vote for the person that should stay on the show... Or because his grandma loved him and the last thing she said to him was 'be a singer', so people are going to vote for that artist, for that reason.

At its core, I don't think those shows are about finding the kind of artists that will be the voice of a generation for instance. There are some exceptions to that rule, where some great artists have come out of there. People who are really talented - Leona Lewis for example has a really great voice. But, definitely, if you can keep it in perspective that it's about great TV, then I think under those guides it's good.

But Bob Dylan's never going to win it. U2 are never going to win it.

We would be voted off in a second. Michael Jackson wouldn't win it! I can't think of an icon... I mean maybe James Brown. Celine Dion might have won American Idol... because that's what she does.

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