Monday, December 19, 2011

Rock The Red Kettle Live Blog w/ Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance, Colbie Caillat, Hanson & More Add to favorites!

We're live at Universal CityWalk for this year's Rock The Red Kettle and eagerly awaiting the live stream event with performances by Hanson, Honor Society, Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance, Colbie Caillat and Drake Bell. Refresh this page to see more live blog updates as the night goes on and make sure to tune into see the concert.

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Rock The Red Kettle Retro Cam

Rock The Red Kettle Retro CamRock The Red Kettle Retro CamRock The Red Kettle Retro CamRock The Red Kettle Retro CamRock The Red Kettle Retro Cam


7:18 PM - The Honor Society drums are on the stage, here they come!

6:58 PM - Greyson Chance on stage and killing it.

6:20 PM - The girls are going wild for Cody Simspon... wild I tell you.

6:18 PM - Our intern just escorted Scooter Braun backstage. Nice.

6:15 PM - A little rain never scared off anyone here. The crowd is pumped for the remaining performances by Cody, Greyson and Honor Society.

5:59 PM - The lovely Rebecca Black introduces the equally lovely Colbie Caillat. Love her!

5:40 PM - Drake Bell is looking insanely dapper in his plaid suit. Seriously.
5:12 PM - Hanson is on the stage

5:02 PM - It's starting!

4:45 PM - The concert starts in 15 minutes, we just started live streaming!

4:22 PM - Greyson is up in the Hard Rock Cafe VIP area now

4:06 PM - Hanging out with Hanson, who wrapped up their sound check a little while ago.

3:50 PM - Colbie's above the knee grey boots are gorgeous!

Want more? We've been counting down to the event all day and posting photos of sound check on our Facebook page. Click here to check it out and tweet us using #cambioredkettle to join the conversation.

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