Monday, November 08, 2010

Important issue

Good night!

A few days ago, I was thinking about making a personal post, here on our website, and I believe that today is a perfect day for it. The subject is: Criticism.
All criticism is constructive. Even those critics who make us upset, wanting to give up, as one we received today. Other ones, give us strength to move on and make sure we're doing a great job. I am grateful every day to people who praise us and enjoy what we love doing.

What Hanson is for us? Everything. This band gives us hope that we lose every day in this dirty world we live in. Brings us the joy of living after a hard day of work. It makes me laugh, makes me cry when I want. As I said before, Hanson is just everything. I used to say that this is our fun, but we like to play with serious things, like this website.

I like knowing that there are many other sites that talk about Hanson, who represents so well our band and who share the news with fans every day. And just because we show here the reports that everyone has access, its not right to say that we're copying the articles from our friends from other sites.

I love our followers. Thats the reason that we are here every day. But please, if we're doing something wrong, if you do not agree, you can use our comments and give us your suggestion. It's much better if we know what is happening ok?

I'm pretty sure that if you're reading us this far, you're a good follower, because these people who waste their time talking about people who are just working with what they like, dont follow us (and we prefer that way). But I needed to say those words and say that we respect our friends: PHB (I am biased, but Brazil rocks!) and Hansonstage (good work guys). You guys are great and if someday you think that we're doing something wrong, let us know.

At such times I wonder: What would have happened if Hanson had actually heard the bad reviews? I appreciate that they've moved on, and that's exactly what we're going to do.

Now let me turn to what really interests us: HANSON & MUSIC.

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