Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nikki Reed is Obsessed With Hanson and We Understand Why

Nikki Reed and Hanson

On Wednesday, Nikki Reed wrote a long post on her blog about her newfound love for the pop trio Hanson. Although the group has been around for 15 years, the Breaking Dawn star recently became a superfan, thanks to the brothers' video 'Thinking 'Bout Somethin.''

"I was instantly blown away," she said about the video she stumbled upon five months ago. "I must have watched it ten times in a row. It wasn't just their obvious talent (i.e. their voices/songwriting ability/skills with multiple instruments) that got me, it was the subtle details throughout the video incorporating their sense of humor that I feel makes them such unique artists."

In fact, her excitement for Hanson's talent was so overwhelming that Nikki wrote a fan letter to the band. Yep, the star of one of the biggest film series ever wrote a gushing fan letter -- and it worked. The trio wrote her back, and now Nikki will be leaving the Breaking Dawn set to see Hanson perform in Virginia on Saturday.

"After four months, I got a response! I was over the moon!" she said. "Not only did they write back to me, I was also invited to a show! Due to my relatively hectic schedule, it was difficult trying to figure out where and how this would happen, but as the saying goes, where there's a will there's a way."

With eight full-length albums and three Grammy nominations under their belts, Hanson has been around the block. They were hugely famous in their teen years with the success of their hit 'MMMBop,' and are traveling the country in support of their latest album, 'Shout It Out.'

The super cool video that got Nikki hooked on Hanson was shot in Tulsa, Okla., and tips its hat to the 1980 film The Blues Brothers. The band went to great lengths to "capture the essence of the scene with Ray Charles where people break into dancing in the street," Taylor Hanson said.

Watch Hanson's 'Thinking 'Bout Somethin'' video below and check out their live AOL Sessions version of the song here. Do you get why Nikki is obsessed with the band? Have you ever written a fan letter to your favorite artist?

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