Friday, November 19, 2010

Hanson to complete one-mile charity walk in Pennsylvania

Article By Byron Butler On November - 18 - 2010

Pop trio Hanson – of "MMMBop" fame – has a new venture to focus on: charity.

The three brothers, Zac, Isaac and Taylor, have largely moved on from the spotlight and are now living quiet lives at home with their wives and children. But if it means raising money for a good cause, they're not afraid to hit the stage again and sing a few of their old hits – and maybe a few new tunes, too.

The brothers' charity effort is part of their "Take the Walk" campaign, which will raise money for several nonprofits working to find treatment and a cure for HIV and AIDS. For every person who participates in the walk, which will take place in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Hanson will donate $1 to charity. The effort is just one of dozens of walks the band has conducted over the years, and will coincide with their concert at the Sherman Theater.

The group did a similar walk in Allentown for its May 2008 show at Crocodile Rock Café, which drew hundreds of fans and participants. Typically, the brothers complete the one-mile walk barefoot.

The brothers, who are natives of Tulsa, Oklahoma, first rose to fame more than decade ago. Their 2007 album, The Walk, was partially inspired by a trip Mozambique and South Africa – the same trip which prompted their now-famous charity events.

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