Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flying On a Musical Note by Nikki Reed

Written on November 10, 2010 by nikki in Creative

So here’s the story. About five months ago I was surfing the internet, and somehow came across the music video for Hanson’s new song, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’”. (Side note: doesn’t it feel wrong to write a title with so many abbreviations?) I was instantly blown away. I must have watched it ten times in a row. It wasn’t just their obvious talent (i.e. their voices/songwriting ability/skills with multiple instruments) that got me, it was the subtle details throughout the video incorporating their sense of humor that I feel makes them such unique artists. Their unwavering devotion to their positive lyrics is a testament to their confidence. It’s refreshing to see young, talented musicians showcasing their passion for their craft in such an openly positive way. Giving off the impression that they don’t need to be tortured souls to make good art is bold in a time in the world when so much is going wrong. That along with the location choice and production design of the video is what really captivated me. Watching a video like that just makes you want to smile! So what did I do next? I wrote them a letter… a fan letter to be exact. It took quite some time to figure out how to write something that was short, concise, flattering without blabbering on, yet mature and respectable. I even called my dad a couple of times to have him proof read it, and then proof read it again. I’ve written many people in the past. When I like a director or a writer I generally write to them, letting them know. The only difference is that usually happens either right after or right before a meeting/audition has been set up. My letter to Hanson was nothing more than a fan letter. I am not a musician, so I couldn’t relate on that level, all I could do was tell them how much I appreciated their music, and hope one day they would read it. I waited and I waited for a reply. In fact I even tried tracking the letter through my agency (we are at the same agency) to see if they had received it. After four months, I got a response! I was over the moon! Not only did they write back to me, I was also invited to a show! Due to my relatively hectic schedule, it was difficult trying to figure out where and how this would happen, but as the saying goes, where there’s a will there’s a way. I spent hours on a genius website called, to find out where they were playing. Unfortunately, they are only moving further and further away from me. So the story ends with this. On Saturday I am flying all the way across the country to Virginia, to see Hanson play, and I can’t wait!


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