Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fan Club Backstage Pass Area!

            I know many of you do not have access to members of the party, others have. And for those who have not, here's some things that were spoken during their conversation with the fans, that I think you'd love.

               They were very comfortable on the bus. They said that they really liked doing the shows on Disney, Taylor said he would again and of course, Zac warned about the toys that may cause vomiting. Thank you Zac! Isaac added that it was a different show because they never knew what would happened, cause it was a theme park and despite having fans who normally go to see Hanson's concerts, many tourists who were enjoying the day at the park, they could meet Hanson. And I still think that Mickey Mouse is a lucky bastard!

                  Then they started to answer some more questions and someone asked them to sing songs from the 2010 membership kit today at the show and Isaac said that: "Too young to kill" he would need swisky and sunglasses to get in the mood. I must say here that his smile and his laughter was great!

                 A great news for international fans (like me): They'll be focused 100% on international tuor next year, they have not announced anything, but it's always good to know that we will be remembered.

                 "Vote, watch the shows and stay alert to get 5 of 5 discounts"

                 A tip from Isaac to achieve the goal on You Tube for Christmas special: access computers in the apple store and go to YouTube and allow scrolling. "GO BIG or GO HOME." -- said Zac in a joke.

              The beard that never grows is generic. And they were wondering why they were talking about it in front of other people. Ok, guys... We're like family, right?

              And thats all folks. It is always great and we will wait further news! Thank you for being with us again.

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