Monday, November 29, 2010

Post TOUR 2010! Thank You - Taylor Hanson

2010, what a year. Full of dancing in the street and a LOT of shouting, now a few days after the storm of SIO Tour leg 3 we can finally gather our thoughts and reflect on an amazing year!

Our last month or so of touring we must admit our heads were spinning a bit, from a year of MANY shows/walks/streams and more, but mostly from the excitement of our plans for the coming year. As the whole music business reels from low ticket sales, and music fans less engaged, we have seen sooo many amazing fans walk in the cold, wait in long lines and join us in some serious shouting night after night.

The last leg of the tour had more than a few high notes, a few of which included making it back to Montreal for the first time in far too many years, and getting to break out some early Christmas tunes to wrap up our final shows.

I have a massive log of great photos and thoughts from the last month(s) past, so we will try to make up for a lag in posts and ramblings online, with some refelctive (and hopefully entertaining) posts looking back on an amazing year and beyond.

We hope the US fans had an amazing Thanksgiving, I know we had a lot to be thankful for as we settled in for some overeating and a bit of stationary time following our full touring schedule! A bit of slow down, for the moment, makes the excitement of the race that much more thrilling.

More to come! Happy Holidays -Taylor

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