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Think you know Hanson because you can sing all the words (and mumblings) to “MMMBop?” Think again. The Tulsa-born trio—Isaac, 29; Taylor, 27; and Zac, 25—has released more than a dozen albums. Though a lyrical departure from 2007’s issue-charged “The Walk,” the latest, “Shout It Out,” is full of the upbeat numbers, familiar piano riffs and brotherly harmonies fans have grown to expect. Songs like “Waiting for This,” “Kiss Me When You Come Home” and “Make It Out Alive” are pure foot-tapping, driving-with-the-windows-down pop, while “These Walls” and “Carry You There” show a deeper, introspective side.

Surprising to those only familiar with the band’s pre-pubescent work is “Give A Little,” in which Taylor schools listeners in the subtle art of seduction.

The Hansons play the majority of the instruments on the album (as usual), including Hammond organ, mandolin, congas and 12-string guitars. Also par for the course, middle sibling Taylor takes center stage, singing lead on the majority of the album, with Zac only stepping in on “And I Waited,” “Musical Ride” and “Use Me Up,” possibly the record’s most emotional track.

Though less of a thinking fan’s album than their previous, “Shout it Out” is a catchy ride for Hanson fans and newbies alike. 3 STARS—Alison Abbey

w/Jarrod Gorbel
Wednesday, Nov. 10
8 p.m.
Variety Playhouse

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