Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wander Blog -SIO Tour Get's started!

The Shout It Out Tour is now in full swing! What a great tour so far. Along the way i have been delving deeper into my growing camera/snapshot love. here's a peak inside some sights along the way! as the Shout It Out Tour makes it across the country.

The first couple weeks of the SIO Tour have been nuts filled with livestreams,walks,rockn shows and signing babies (not to be confused with Singing babies, which would be awesome). Something about

getting out on the road with a brand new album changes the whole feel of the shows for me. We've begun throwing in a few rarely played songs and some new covers...but we're just getting started on making these shows truly unique.

started and. Thanks to everybody who has already come out, waiting in long lines and made some serious noise with us.

hope you enjoy -T


Wander Blog pics thoughts -

Piano in Hyannis-Backstage at Hyannis, the piano was out of commission

Down the New England Road-Headed down the road from Hyannis

Philly Mozaic 1-Back alley way moziacs in Philly

Philly Mozaic 2-Mozaic and shrub

Tay Dressing Room-A self portrait..pre show

rockn in Raleigh-shot this from stage in the middle of the Raleigh show

Ike, stick em up-Ike Talking with his hands

TH and Kevin Kline-It was amazing to meet Kevin Kline, what a talent and a gentlemen

Zacs' pre show blue hallway-Walking to Fallon Set

Red Blurry shot, backstage-Pre show in Sayerville

Ike tying ties-in the mirror getting his look together

Ike still tying ties-still getting his look together

Dimitrius in his backstage thrown-Right before the show in Hyannis backstage

Pre Show pep talk-Zac and Ike talking about the show

Color blur in Hyannis-This pic did not really come out, but I love the blur of color walking back onstage

Color Blur in Hyannis too- more color blur with Zac's shadow

SIO piano 1-Inside the Music Circus tent

In the Mirror- Another self pic

Hanging with Questlove- A quick snap of us during the aLive stream with Questlove

Shot of the Empire State from Top of The Rock-I loved this view, something really beautiful about NY from above

More buildings-It's also great to look at the skyline without sky,it is like a living piece of art

Zac's plant friend-Joe Plant

Empty Circus-

Crowd of Walkers in Ashville NC-I shot this during our mid walk stop, great walk

Robert giving the evil eye-backstage at the TLA with Robert from Rooney, giving the evil eye

Tay wearing paint splatter jacket-Wearing paint splatter jacket form Give a little video..i love it

Shot of Justin Richards of A Rocket To The Moon-Justin watching soundcheck in Sayerville

Snack Truck-Pic of a snack truck in Charlotte

Robert S in Suit with Tay-Had to grab a shot with Robert in this amazing blue suit

Ike morning confusion-I caught ike stepping off the bus for radio in Raleigh

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