Friday, August 20, 2010

Hanson, you MUST stop drinking!

       Sometimes people ask me if Hanson still exists. (and I hate this kind of question and sometimes I feel like answering: No, they are back to Mars!And I very patiently answer: Sure, why not? And they continue telling me that every boy band lose control. They lose themselves in drink and drugs and end up losing the whole purpose: playing good music. I'm glad to see that Hanson is ok and not look like it will be lost on the wrong path .. And suddenly, some pictures and they kind of scare me:

This is fun!
Taylor, no. Just NO!

         Of course they can have fun! They are people like us and have intentions of going out and drinking. Just do not want that to become daily or something like that. I dont want to scare anyone, this post would be more funny than scary. I do not care about the current state of Hanson, I just do not want in the end people have reason that they can finish like the other .. forgetting the original goal.
Well, at least we have good pictures, right?

2 People talked to us:

Sandra Linck said...

Gente, o Zac bêbado deve ficar facim, facim!!!
Ô lá em casa!!

Mari said...

Sandra, eu já nem gosto de pensar muito! hahah Faz mal! :)

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