Monday, August 23, 2010

A message from Zac, to you.

A message from Zac, to you.

Baltimore Late Night Stream

          Well today was a really fun day for streaming. We were able to stream the whole set, as well as stopping for a great truck stop. The set was fun even though it was short, but I guess it just leaves us wanting more, and that is why we keep playing year after year.  It was a great audience with a lot of new faces.  For some of the hardcore fans I know it can be annoying to have the noobs prowling around going "Taylor you are so cute, oh my God!" but remember, everybody was a noob once.  It was nice and low key after show, no one demanding they are owed X, just good conversation and people who were happy to enjoy a fun night of music.  For everyone who traveled with us from Cleveland, and those going to Cincinnati tonight thank you for always being there when we need you.  Bands go away why fans stop caring.

            After a little drive down the road we stopped at a Truck Stop for some fuel and what do you know there was good signal for streaming, so we started the tractor beam and wala Hanson Does Stupid stuff on video LIVE to the internet.  We ended up buying Dumb and Dumber for our young cameraman who has been very sheltered when is comes to cult classic films of almost every kind.  Man I love that movie!  Anyway it was a great night for us, I hope everyone enjoyed it as well.  See you tomorrow!

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