Friday, August 13, 2010

Lea Michele (Glee) has Justin Timberlake on her mind


THR: What song do you hope "Glee" never attempts to re-create?

Michele: If I say what I don't want to do, Ryan will make sure I do it! My problem is that songs get stuck in my head. By the time we finish, it could take us 50 takes to get one song on film. I recently did another Gaga song -- I can't say which one -- and it's a hard song to sing because it's really fast. It was literally stuck in my head for days! I probably wouldn't want to sing anything I liked when I was 12 years old -- like the Spice Girls or Hanson. Although, "MMMBop" will probably pop up at some point in a bad '90s episode.

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Anonymous said...

:( I really like Glee but that was a little bit mean comment; Mmmbop was great and it's part of 90's music history but well... that's her

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