Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hanson @ MIXFEST

        I'm sitting here watching the stream from MIXFEST that Hanson  is now broadcasting and something strange is going on in my heart. They are just the first song and I'm crying a river! Maybe all my wonderful memories of a little over five years ago are coming again, when I could have the rare chance to share their show with other great fans. For some people it may seem silly, but anyone who knows me, knows how important this moment is!

The camera man loves Taylor

        On today's show Taylor was wearing suspenders. OH MY GOD. It seems that he knows I love when he does it and thats why he always uses when he can. Isaac is always elegant and Zac is always good: casual and cute. Another thing I'm noticing lately is that Taylor is more lively during the concerts. He jumps without stopping! Unfortunately the man with the camera is standing in front of Taylor and we have little chance of looking at Zac and Isaac closely. It seems that sometimes he reads the complaint from fans that are thousands of kilometers away and some of them come close to short close.

            Needless to talk about how Isaac and Zac have improved their voices. This would be another issue to be discussed in another topic because all three always sang very well but a few years back, I noticed that the impossible happened: they are more attuned than ever! A sentence for Zac: You're such a doll, my dear!

The goodbye part

           It's unbelievable how 'MMMBop and Where's the love' still makes people happy! The Middle of Nowhere CD will never be forgotten.

Here are the songs played today:

Waiting for this (medley)

If only

And I Waited

This time around

Penny and me

Thinking bout somethin'


Give a Little

Where's the love

Everything was wonderful. Thanks guys!

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