Monday, August 23, 2010

Hei! I know that Chicago's concert happened a while ago, but I want to share Sarah's (@TallBaldGuyFan) review with you! Enjoy!

Geez, y'alls is crazy for the nitty gritty here, aren't you. Okay, so my group met in the lobby of House of Blues. There were 8 of us total. The lovely @gamies was there. Thank god, too, because she was the only other person willing to, you know... Talk and laugh!

Then we met with their tour manager, Frank. We played Spinal Tap for a bit, winding our way through every nook and cranny of the venue to find the room we were supposed to meet the guys in. That was fun in 5" heals. However, during our search, we were able to watch a bit of Hanson's sound check. They were playing Hand in Hand, which was neat because that song is my ish.

So anyway, once we arrived to the room, the guys came in. The area was small and dim. We were pretty much standing around the perimeter, allowing easy access for the guys to walk around to each person one by one.

Of course, I forgot the Shout It Out photobook I wanted them to sign in my car. So I had nothing while everyone else had a few things each. Figures, huh.

As Zac introduced himself to me, I said something like "I don't have anything for you to sign, but it's okay. It's just a pleasure to be here!" in a confidently goofy demeanor I portray often. I didn't find it difficult to be myself. He seemed politely adament on signing SOMETHING, so he went for the beer braclet I had on from the night before. And like totally omg, he held my hand while doing it. :P

Isaac came next. He also seemed confused why I didn't have something to autograph. However, I DID have a donation I planned on presenting to them out and ready to go. I opted for the envelope I had the money order in. Classy, right? He asked what it was that I was holding and I flat out told him I didn't really want to give it to him right then..

.. This is because, one thing that made this whole thing awkward was that no one else was talking. I totally would've made conversation if it didn't mean everyone else in the room was fucking listening in on every word. But whatever, I told him what it was blah blah blah. What I gather from the livestreams, Taylor's the one to run his mouth on the Take the Walk subject most. I kind of wanted to either give it to him or all of them at once. Something tells me he would've been more interested in what I did for their cause. Isaac just took a quick peak, handed it off to the tour manager and said "Thanks, that'll help a lot of people" or something. You're welcome.

Before I was introduced to Taylor, we took a group photo. When we were taking it, the reporter's camera took forfuckingever and I kept changing my mind about putting my arm around Zac. So I kept moving and it was embarrassing hahaha. Shit, I should've snagged a pinch if I was moving my hand around his bum so much, am I right? Jk.

After the photo, Taylor approached me. I sort of froze up with him, I think. I can't remember. I was too distracted by witnessing the head of hair I've envied for so long in person, I guess. Anyway, he signed my envelope and drew little pictures on it.

All in all, Hanson was extremely friendly. Their smiles were geniune and they're shorter than I expected.

That's it. Anymore details would require me to be a bitch. *coughultrasoundgirlcoughcough* You're welcome for wasting your time.
Thank you Sarah for this! -- Hansonews.

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