Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hanson Shouting It Out In Royal Oak

Looking at the guys in Hanson is quite looking at a relative that you haven’t seen in years and years, and are quite amazed at how much they’ve grown up. Once upon a time, the brothers Hanson (not the brothers from “Slap Shot” fame) were the biggest thing in the pop world, as their album “Middle of Nowhere” soared to multi-platinum status. Hanson’s organic, well crafted pop was eventually overshadowed by glossy soulless boy bands and Hanson perhaps wisely left that scene behind (I didn’t see the guys in Hanson all over TMZ- so that’s a good thing).

Starting in 2001, the band started working the club circuit as an independent band. Free of the major label limitations, the band started working on crafty and catchy pop songs that has gained them a very loyal following in the club circuit over the years. The band is back with their latest release, “Shout It Out”, which came out in June and debuted in the Billboard Top 30 upon its release.

As with every album since 2004’s “Underneath”, the band has self-released their past three albums and the new album are lead by the songs “Thinkin’ About Something” and “Carry You There”. By flying under the Top 40 radar all these years has given the band a rabid fanbase that is far different than the 10 year old girls that charged down gates to see them in the late 90’s.

Hanson is out in support of the “Shout It Out” album as the band will be on tour through October 17th. Along with California based pop master crafters Rooney, Hanson will be stopping in the Detroit area for a show on August 17th at the Royal Oak Theater. It will be a chance to see a real pop band that hasn’t had to resort to reality TV or TMZ to stay relevant over the years.

Hanson plays at the Royal Oak Theater on Tuesday, August 17th. Tickets are $32 and are available at Additional band info and dates can be found at

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