Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank you!

Hello to all.

How are you? It is very rewarding to know that you're losing (or winning, depends on the point of view) a few minutes of your day to read my blog. So I would like to dedicate a post to you, my reader.

When I started with the @Hansonews I never thought it was a joke. I thought, 'Okay, it's time to create a topic for all Hanson news is in one place ... and I must have fun '. So I created and the first week I got  great followers who are still with me today. People who praise, people who tell me that @hansonews is the world's best place to get news .. and sometimes criticizing, of course. Bad reviews, saying that I'm all wrong and some fans think I should close the blog and twitter. Well, obviously that is constructive, but I was not happy with these criticisms, especially knowing that they came from fans who live in the same country as me, people who should be proud. I always thought we should be united, help each other. I do not know until today if the person was serious or was just jealous of my popularity. Hard to know. So I came here to thank you that is always there, always supports me and that is reason for everything.

 My days are increasingly filled with more responsibilities in my personal and professional life. Unfortunately my life is not just Hanson, I'm 24 years old and have a family and a job that are growing faster. This is all great, but sometimes Hanson stuff has to stand aside. So if I ever let you down, maybe posting some news that is not so new... it is for this reason.

Another thing I want to say .. is the reason why I am Brazilian but my posts are in English. As you can see in the picture, the red dots are where my public come from. Most of them speak English, so there's no reason for me to just write in Portuguese. Not because I do not like my country, 'cause I love here, it's just a convenience to you, my reader.

And some countries I have to thank! There are 28 countries represented, ans 12 others that our accountant failed to tell us what it was! United States with 48.23% of views, Brazil 19.79% .. Canada, France, Denmark, United Kindom, Mexico, Netherlands, Saint Martin, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Chile, Germany, Dominica, Plilippines .. :) Woow and a lot more.

You guys rock! Feel free to comment, suggest, criticize .. everything is very welcome when it is done with the heart. And our work certainly is!

Isaac with my country's flag on his butt

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