Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview: Siobhan Magnus from American Idol



Who are your own biggest musical influences?

My two favorite bands, that are equal, are Hanson and Hole. Which are total opposites. My next favorite bands are Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, HorrorPops.


What are some other highlights, outside of the show and the tour?

There were things that happened between leaving the show and starting the tour that blew my mind. I got to meet Hanson. I met them the night of the finale at the party afterwards. I was surprised because no one told me they were coming. I was in complete shock. I cried and cried. Then a few weeks later when we started rehearsing for the tour, I got to sing with them. So, pretty much I can die happy.


How did that come about, getting to sing with them?

One day after rehearsal I got a phone call from one of our tour managers. He said, "You know how they were going to try to make it so you could see Hanson again, but it didn't work out? Well, how would you like to sing with them in their show tomorrow night?" I was just stunned. I just started crying. He was like, "It's okay - you don't have to if you're too tired." I said, "That's not why I'm crying!" It was really short notice, but I went before their show and rehearsed with them. We ended up doing four songs together.


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