Friday, August 20, 2010

Hanson Friends Forever • HFF!

Good afternoon!

       One of the things I most like to be a Hanson fan, are the fans. You can tell when you go to concerts of other artists and then have the great opportunity to go on Hanson's concert: The fans are different, are special, amazing. Dont know if it's the fact that Hanson is a band that does good things for the world, but the point is that those who like Hanson should be a good person! Of course I've had experiences of meeting people that I hope never to cross my path .. But mostly, they are always friendly, funny and certainly we can count on them the rest of our lives.

       And with that, people meet to celebrate the friendship and exchange experiences, band's meteriais and have a lively happy hour. Here is an example of all that I am talking about. In France, there was a gathering of fans and here are some pictures of this day. If you have pictures of your meetting and want to share with us, just get in touch!

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Wackystel said...

Can I send you my computer homemade pic?
That's awsome! Thank you so much ^^

Mari said...

Of course you can! :) send me by twitter or e-mail ^^

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