Friday, August 13, 2010

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I don't believe that in times like this I still have to read an artilcle like this! I don't know if the person who wrote is angry, peeved, snappy, testy or resentful with their life... Or this person loves Jonas Brothers and had to write an article about Hanson, a band that 'it' hates. The worse thing, is that once this person is more than an hour sitting on with the ass on the chair writing nonsense about a very good band, the web site editor approves and falls into the net. Incredible. The article is in Portuguese, so we'll post in two versions, for all the fans can have the opportunity to read this shame.

In Portuguese

Hanson volta a ativa em clipe que faz alusão ao longa 'Os Irmãos Cara de Pau'
Grupo lança novo álbum em junhoMeio apagados com o surgimento de novos astros teen como Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber e companhia, os Hanson preparam um novo álbum, "Shout It Out", para o mês de junho.

Para aquecer o lançamento, os irmãos divulgaram através de sua página oficial o clipe do primeiro single, "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'", inspirado no longa dos anos 80 "Os Irmãos Cara de Pau".

Apesar da referência deixada clara no site oficial da banda, o vídeo dirigido por Todd Edwards soa aos possíveis novos fãs mais como uma tentativa de se aproximar da onda High School Music e Camp Rock, grandes sucessos do momento. Na época em que "Os Irmãos Cara de Pau" foi lançado, em 1980, a maior parte desse público sequer tinha nascido. Os irmãos, não mais tão jovens, dançam e ainda contam com a participação do humorista Weird Al Yankovic.

In English:

Hanson back on the active clip that alludes to the long 'The Blue Brothers'' Group launches new album on june erased with the emergence of new teen stars like Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and company, Hanson are preparing a new album, "Shout It Out" for the month of June. To heat release, the brothers released through his official clip of the first single, "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'," inspired by the long years of 80 "The Blue Brothers". Despite the reference made plain in the band's official website, the video directed by Todd Edwards to potential new fans sounds more like an attempt to approach the wave High School Musical and Camp Rock hits of the moment. At the time of "The Blues Brothers" was released in 1980, most of these people had not even been born. The brothers no longer so young, and still dancing with the participation of the comedian Weird Al Yankovic.


I have nothing to say after that. Shame.

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Bianca said...

Brazilian people are stupid, and yeah, I am Brazilian! They think that music is what the radios are playing! They don't really care about how good the music is! that's sad, but true.

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