Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hanson/ Rooney Day/Concert

So, on Thursday, August 5th, my sister and I went to the Hanson/Rooney concert here in St. Louis. It was so much fun and I really feel like writing about it now, because I'm only just recovering from all the shock of the day.

So my day started early...I woke up at 9:30 to get ready, and then woke Melissa up at 10:30. We left the house around noon, by which time I was so excited, I'm pretty sure I talked my sister's ear off the whole half hour drive to The Pageant. We got there around 12:30 and I drove around for about 5 minutes looking for a spot...found one right by the tour buses.

We sat in front of the venue for a while, waiting for The Walk to begin, but we knew we had plenty of time and it didn't really matter where we stood when the walk started, so we walked down the Loop to get lunch.

We got back with about 15 minutes to spare before the walk was to begin. So we were standing there and all of a sudden, Robert Carmine (Schwartzman) and Ned Brower from Rooney just casually crossed the street to the cafe there. I really wanted to walk over and talk to them, but I didn't want to be a creeper and I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say, so I just made myself content with throwing them lots of glances while waiting for the Hanson guys to come outside.

They set up the table to register for the walk and not too much later the guys came outside. Isaac had his son with him to walk, and it was adorable. Unfortunately, he had to go back inside and the walk began with just Tay and Zac and the crowd of fans. I took my socks and shoes off, as it is a barefoot walk, and instantly felt the scalding heat of the sidewalk. It. Was. Painful. But, you know, that's the point, so I did my best to suck it and think about anything else but the soles of my feet burning. We got almost half way and I had to stop and put my socks on. I was a wimp, I'll admit, and I don't want to make e
xcuses, but there were people in front of us that were wearing their shoes and taking their sweet old time, all the while spreading themselves out in a way that I couldn't get around them unless I pushed through them. Anyway, I compromised with myself by putting my socks on, that way, I was still shoeless, but not completely barefoot and therefore putting like third degree burns on my feet.

Well halfway through, Taylor gives a speech, as usual, as he does in the beginning and the end as well. Well I had watched many of them and usually he's pretty funny and preachy. Well, he was uber preachy and very very snarky this time. I just assumed it was because so many people were wearing shoes and not pushing themselves to even try, and I was half right. I watched the video of the livestream and found out there was a fan that bugged Tay the first half of the walk and only took her shoes off for about a minute because he told her to, or well, she got him to tell her to. She was really ignorant and was doing the walk for all the wrong reasons. He was pissed, now I get his snarkiness.

So, the way back to the venue, I was lucky enough to keep pace with Taylor and hear him talk to the camera a lot and talk to another girl about his son and family and also see two little girls run up to him and give him pictures they drew. Adorable. We got back to the venue, and he gave another long speech and it was really cool. They went inside, and so it was time to go and sit in line until the concert.

I sat almost the whole wait, because I got a couple of killer blisters from the sidewalk heat, but the wait was actually pretty fun, just hanging with my sister for 4-ish hours.

Finally got inside, and ended up getting a really good spot on the floor, about 5 people/rows back. Derren Raser was the opening act, as a contest winner, he played fifteen minutes and was awesome. Then there was about a half an hour wait for Rooney.

Rooney came on stage and did a fantastic job, they opened with Shakin' with made me go crazy, jumping up and down and all that jazz. I was the only person I saw in my direction doing that, and I'm pretty sure at one point Robert pointed at me and said something good. I like to think so, anyway. :-) So they finished their set and were going to be at their merch table. Well, I didn't want to lose our awesome spot on the floor, but I really really wanted to meet the band, so we left and went to the merch room.

The guys came in behind everyone, much to everyone's shock and excitement...Robert cut through right by Melissa and she was like "Oh my Gosh...First Zac touches me, then Robert!" I just shook my head. Not fair. Anyway....He made it to the table, finally, but there wasn't much time til Hanson's set was going to be, so we only made it to Robert. Someone asked him if he was in The Princess Diaries as he was signing Melissa's ticket, and he got grumpy for a second because she was utterly ignorant, asking then if he was in "one at the end" to which he replied, with a sour look on his face, "I was in the whole thing, actually." I snapped a pic of him and Melissa and before I could have my turn he turned to other people next to us. That was cool, he apologized then got to me after. Melissa fumbled with my phone while he leaned over the table with his head resting against mine. He was being really really goofy, making me laugh and Melissa laugh, which made her fumble more. She finally got the picture, and asked him for a hug, then I was right behind her. I couldn't stop my mouth from opening, then, and I told him he was my idol...**facepalm moment number 1 for Jenny**

Well, we ended up in the back of the floor, which was okay, it's still only like 20 feet away from the stage and we had room to move around if we wanted to. It was about 15 minutes before the guys of Hanson finally took the stage.

It was phenomenal. Perfect mix of new and old and middle-aged (haha...For lack of a better term) stuff and a full 2-hour set. Plenty of antics and even a dirty joke thrown in by Zac. Yeah, they're all grown up, lol. I was sad when their encore ended (Man From Milwaukee) but excited for the prospect of meeting them soon after.

Melissa and I went to their merch table and each got a shirt and then headed to the parking lot to wait by the buses.

About 45 minutes or so later Zac came out. He took a long time to get to where we were, but hte wait was worth it. I snapped a picture of him and Melissa, and without having to ask, he signed my ticket and threw his arm around me for a picture. Ohh, they've been doing this a looooooong time. That was obvious. Mel took one picture, said it was blurry and asked if she could redo it, to which Zac replied "Sure" and I said "I don't mind!" **facepalm moment number 3...2 being about 30 seconds prior to that when I said "...and you're left handed which is awesome cause I am too"** So the second one turned out good, and as he was about to head to the next person and I was thanking him, Melissa asked him for a hug. He gave her one, but awkwardly. (Facepalm moment for Melissa)
By this time, Isaac had come outside, which I was excited about, because I didn't get to meet him last time I saw them live. I heard Zac behind us say that he'd probably catch up to him and that made me laugh a little. Taylor came out shortly after Ike and caught up to him. He was like a firecracker...Taking group photos instead of individual so people wouldn't be out too much later and the line was really long.

So they got closer and I about hyperventilated when I saw that Tay caught up to Ike. Got Ike's signature, confused him a little since my ticket was a folded up piece of paper, he didn't know where I wanted him to sign, so he found Zac's signature and signed next to it. Got a picture of Meliss and I together with him. (Hooray for making friends in line to take pics for us!) And Tay was there by the time I was handed my camera back to me. I heard him say, sort of to himself and aimed at those in front of us "If there is a next time..." Well this freaked me out and I said "Whaaat, don't you say that!" And he smiled and said "Well, you know, I mean...I dunno if you'll be here next time we are." Phew. Me: Well, of course I will, why would I miss it?!" Melissa added that she's been a fan since she was 6 and I chimed in my age 8 fact. He was really appreciative and even said "Wow, thanks so much, that's amazing." I handed my camera to his security guard and he threw his arms around Melissa and I. We smiled (Me a little too big) and when the flash went, Taylor said "Perfect," and patted then squeezed our arms. He thanked us, we thanked him a lot, and as he went to the next people, he turned around and said "I guess I'll see you next time!" :-D

We walked to my car and left. I couldn't sleep because I was still in shock that, not only did I actually meet and talk to a band I've been a fan of for more than half my life, but also met Robert Carmine, who I've been a fan of for close to 8 years. Fantastic night, best whole day of my life, and even the pain of the blisters and soreness then following morning couldn't take my smile away when I realized it wasn't a dream after all.

Best.Day.Ever. Period.

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