Friday, August 06, 2010

Get to know the owners!

                 I'm Mari and I'm Hansonews owner! I'm a 23 years old brazilian girl. And in 2005 Hanson was  finally in Brazil and I could see them live. I remember that even knowing that I had my place in the first row, I arrived at  7am, just to spend my hanson show day with fans and friends. My Meet and greet happened at 17pm and I was soooo nervous. And finally I was in the same room with Taylor. Yeah, I have a big crush on him. But the big moment was with Isaac.: I gave him my special pen to write in my T-shirt but he wanted to write with his own pen. Genius. So we almost ‘dance’ to each other to change the pen on his hands. It was a great moment that I will never forget.. My friend Bella was a reporter and she explain how important Hanson was for our friendship and how I will come to you song means a lot for us. Well, I took a picture with them .. and during the concert, Taylor dedicated I will come to you for us. Imagine if I cried.. just a bit.. hahaha.  I can tell ya, I still don’t believe I was there.

Two days after that, I was in another city to see other concert.. In this particular show, Taylor sang Never let go. That was another moment that a cry just a bit.. hahahaha I really cried a river those days …then I came back home just like If I had a different soul and a extra heart filled with pure love. Thank you Hanson.

So, after almost 5 years, I realized that I had to do something to spread Hanson news, pictures, stories.. met fans around the world. Make people know each other :) And here we are! After 449 followers and 3167 tweets (with terrible english!), working hard just for you.

    Our co-owner is Roberta (Ro!). She is a 20 years old Brazilian girl and she is collaborating with a lot of Hansonews posts, doing a great job bringing  beautiful and funny pictures of Hanson world. She will came here later to introduce herself!

    I'm very happy with our hard work and having a lot of fun with you guys!

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