Saturday, August 07, 2010

Mobile Checkin Merch Prizes!

Every night on tour we give free merchandise to one HNET Fan Club Member who Checks in using the Mobile Checkins Learn More Here! Because of the change over to the new mobile checkins some of the winners were not picked until after each show, but we still want to give them something special. We will be sending a Merchandise Package with Hanson Crazy Bands, Tayfarer Sunglasses, buttons and the new megaphone Keychain to all the unannounced winners.

Buffalo, NY - Nicole Balconi - nicmaurB
Cohasset, MA - Molly Lawrence - Molls23
Philadelphia, PA - Tonya - Hamilton
Sayersville, NY - Andrea Kelsey - Andrea2880
Richmond, VA - Kearstan Dunn - EvnAngelsDie
Asheville, NC - Brandy Dale - caseyandallen
Raleigh, NC - Christina Charnick - teeny0284
Louisville, KY - Shelby Toll - Tollhouse2009
Nashville, TN - Sacha Raby - sacha

Congratulations! :)

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