Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Police link Slipknot to murder in Oklahoma

Police in Oklahoma County have noted that 17 year old murder suspect Kyle Smith has “admitted to investigators when he was arrested that he was into heavy metal music” and have removed a Slipknot album from his home as evidence.

The police evidence inventory shows that the investigators have made note that the album features a pentagram on the case (presumably the band’s 2008 album All Hope Is Gone ) and also collected another 50 items of evidence including a “demonic drawing”, a novelty bullet, four knives and a dagger as evidence.

Smith is accused of murdering his grandparents with a machete, videotaping the gruesome scene on his camera phone and setting the house on fire in an attempt to cover up the crime.

Slipknot were also maligned after a 2008 murder in South Africa, when a sword-wielding schoolboy killed 16-year-old student while dressed in an outfit similar to Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison’s stage costume.

Pierre Eksteen, the director of a South African student support network, declared at the time that “Young people need to be informed of the effects of bad Satanic music”. However, the police investigative psychology unit investigating the case called for reason, nothing that “Whenever there is a murder, people jump to conclusions, and always God or Satan told the killers to do it. These notions shouldn’t be taken seriously because it is straightforward: someone, of their own free will, can kill another person.”

On a far less serious (though perhaps mistimed note) linking Slipkot to horrible events in Oklahoma, the state’s squeaky clean trio Hanson laughed it up on April Fools Day by announcing that their next album “will consist entirely of Slipknot covers”.

The band released a ‘leaked’ rehearsal session as drummer Zac Hanson claimed that “We have always cited classic soul and rock and roll as an inspiration, but we have had long-time respect for heavy metal and bands like Slipknot who capture true angst.”

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