Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hanson 'MMMBops' their way back into our hearts on 'Dancing With the Stars'

By Tierney Bricker
April 25, 2011 8:15 PM ET
taylor-hanson.jpgBest. "Dancing With the Stars." Performance. Ever.

Oh, we're not talking about any of the dances. Please excuse us while our inner-tween squeals with delight over the fact that Hanson performed on "DWTS" in honor of Guilty Pleasure Week. Yes, that Hanson. And yes, they performed "MMMBop" and acted as the house band for the night. Yes, we were in heaven.

The Brothers Hanson -- Kevin Isaac, Joe Taylor and Nick Zac -- opened the show with their massive hit in the '90s, which brought us back to the days of Pokemon cards and Nickelodeon. Hello, nostalgia! Oh, "Dancing" pros Lacey Schwimmer and Tony Dovolani came back to perform a fun routine during "MMMBop."

Hanson will be back on "DWTS" tomorrow, Apr. 25, for the results show to perform a new song off their new album. We can't wait. Time to break out our old Hanson t-shirts. Here's hoping they still fit!

P.S. Taylor doesn't look like he's aged a day. He was always our favorite. Sorry, Isaac and Zac.
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Photo/Video credit: ABC

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