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Dancing With the Stars recap: Our Guilty Pleasure

Jenny Kobiela-Mondor
Monday, 25 April 2011 14:33
It's time for another recap of "Dancing With the Stars," which I know everyone is really excited about! Once again blogging is myself, Jenny Kobiela-Mondor, in italics, and my sister Kelly, the bad girl of ballroom, in regular text.
And now for a very special episode of So You Think You're a Star Who Can Dance. It is guilty pleasures night! And I've heard tell that Hanson is performing. If they play for someone to dance to, I will literally lose my mind.
Also included tonight as a special treat are some comments thrown in by my friend Sarah, who has never seen a full episode of DWTS, but loves Hanson.
OMG!!!! Hanson is my favorite music group ever! I've seen them in concert three times. All of which were in college and after. Sarah and I both think that Taylor's hair is bad, but they sounded great. And they are still awesome. Also, the troupe/pros looked fabulous. All sambas should be danced to MmmBop from now on. I do have to say that I've never seen Taylor in a button up shirt and it is wigging me out. And Isaac always looks good dressed up with his hair coifed!
Oh Man! Hanson is the house band!
I loved seeing Hanson play "Mmmbop." I have loved Hanson forever. And I saw them in concert in college too. So exciting! I loved how their outfits didn't match at all. They were just three brothers playing music together. I highly recommend everyone check out Hanson now. I know they were a silly pop sensation back in 1997, but they are actually a really solid rock band.
Maks/Kirstie--Samba! I love Samba! It is my favorite to dance and if done well, my favorite to watch. She's a little stumbly this week, but still good. I jsut feel like she isn't as confident in her dance. Sarah has no comments about Kirstie because she was distracted by Maks' hips. I think that Kirstie definitely has all the attitude necessary to pull off any dance. Also, Maks has really been doing a good job of choerographing interesting routines all season.
Kirstie was kind of sloppy during their dance to Britney Spear's classic "Hit Me Baby, One More Time." However, what she lacked in polish she made up for in sex appeal and fringe on her skirt! She definitely took some time to get into the dance, but by the end she was really rocking it. And the judges loved it! (But, spoiler alert, they loved everyone tonight. They must be taking judging lessons from J.Lo.)
Cheryl/Chris--Tango. I also love Tango! Chris is a lead singer in a rock band? Awesome! He looked good. He had all his steps and great snap in his dancing. Sarah thinks that he looked like he was thinking. I think the dancing was good, but the performance wasn't there. I feel like being in the bottom two got to Chris. Noooo...I love Chris. Also, he has some of the best posture of any "star" who has been on the show.
Chris' dance to "Don't Stop Believin'" was very technically good, but we are obviously not going for technicality on this show. We want PERFORMANCE! And, for the first week all season, Chris really didn't perform. He was just sort of off his game a bit. It's too bad, too, because I love Chris and I really think he'll be in the bottom two this week again. He'd better make it through and really step it up next week!
Chelsie/Romeo--Titanic! Awwww and I love that Romeo likes Titanic. Are they doing waltz in 4/4 time? I hate that. Yeah, Romeo still has me won over. He looks so suave and really danced the whole thing well. His footwork was good, though I was once again distracted by Chelsie. Something about her dancing always draws my eye. First 10 of the season. I feel like it is well deserved based on how the judges score.
Loved it! Part of it was just the fact that they danced to "My Heart Will Go On." Between that and Hanson I feel like I'm back in my middle school days, when I was madly in love with Zac Hanson and Leonardo DiCaprio. If Jonathan Taylor Thomas would have appeared on the stage at some point I think my 13-year-old self would have died. Anyway. Romeo danced really well. He's getting really good and has a great attitude about dancing and about this show. I wouldn't have thought that I was going to like him, but he's won me over the last two weeks. Great passion this week - and the open shirt did not hurt!
Mark/Chelsea--Quickstep. That was super duper cute and she performed the heck out it. But there was something off about her feet. I think she missed some of the steps, and Sarah, knowing nothing about Quickstep, thought that her feet looked slightly lazy. I think part of that is to do with how much energy Mark has and Chelsea just didn't match it. It was fine, but nothing that I am really all that impressed with. This is highly overscored. Romeo did much better and the scores should reflect that.
Chelsea was ADORABLE in her dance to "Walkin' On Sunshine." I don't think that's really a guilty pleasure song, but whatever. It was freaking adorable. I didn't really get a bad vibe off her feet or anything - to my very untrained eye it looked great! Bruno said they had "zest," and I would definitely have to agree. Zest is the perfect word. Thank you Bruno.
Louis/Kendra--I hate her. I won't even pretend. I hate her and I'm going to hate her dance. I may not even watch her. I'll only watch Louis. I'm so over her and if someone else goes home instead of her this week, I will not be a happy camper. Mmmm Louis looked excellent. Latin pants are good for every guy. And he has so much attitude in his dancing. I love Louis. Sarah actually watched Kendra and she thought that she was doing the moves, but didn't extend her legs at all and nothing flowed. And she missed a few moves. Unsurprisingly, she did well at the stripper moves at the end.
I have to give Louis props for giving Kendra a lot of moves that she is good at for their dance to "Livin' La Vida Loca" this week. She must have made a great stripper because the girl can shake her booty and flail around better than any stripper I've seen. Of course, I've never seen a stripper other than in a movie, so take my words with a shaker of salt. Anyway. Kendra didn't do very well. Her dance was awkward and hoochy - not in a good way. Plus, I'm just really sick of Kendra and her fake smile being on my TV every week. Go away Kendra!
Kym/Hines--Oh, that was lovely. He did a great job doing the steps and he performed it and it all flowed. He is always so strong for Kym, which is the most important thing in a partner. And he also had really nice lines the whole time. I just love watching him dance. When he is out there, he looks like there is literally nothing else he would rather be doing. I loved it. I think it was the best dance of the night so far.
Hines makes me melt. Just plain melt. He danced to "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men, and he just plain killed it. I didn't even write anything down about his performance because I was just so enthralled. Hines is a great dancer. He's light on his feet, he's having a great time, he emotes through his dancing and he has an immense amount of confidence. (And he is pretty dang cute, too.)
Karina/Ralph--I love that they are putting in Karate Kid moves! Karina fell, which really threw off that part of the dance, but before it was great. And once they finally got back in, it was great. I think that was Ralph's best dance since the beginning. I think that Paso has the intensity that works with Ralph's intensity and drive in the show. I rewound to watch the fall and to me it looks like after her spinning, Karina caught Ralph's jacket which caused her to fall. Bummer because that was shaping up to be the best dance of the night. And for the recovery alone, I might still consider it the best.
Ralph and Karina did a great job recovering from Karina's fall during "Everybody Dance Now." I mean, it threw off their groove for part of the dance, but they rocked the beginning and the end and didn't completely freak out and screw up when they had a malfunction. I really loved Ralph's awesome long coat. And I just really love Ralph. He kind of looks like a dork up there, but there's something endearing and a little bit sexy about him too. Yes, I said it. I said Ralph Macchio is sexy. Not something I would have thought I'd say. But when he's dancing Paso, the Karate Kid is sexy.
Other Comments:
Oh man! Hanson was my favorite thing on the show ever! I love how much fun they had with the guilty pleasure songs. I really think they should have had Hanson sing all the performance songs. It would have made the show soooo much better.
More Hanson!
The video of Bruno in an Elton John video just absolutely made my day. Holy. Crap!
If you missed it, I highly suggest you look it up. It really was hysterical and wonderful.
I think the judges have lost their collective minds with the scoring. This is why I really start to hate the show even more.
Where is Simon Cowell when you need him? I realize he knows nothing about ballroom dance but I still think he'd be a better judge/
Overall, I enjoyed watching the show with Sarah, as I have something else to rant to besides just you, my faithful readers, and my sister online.
Do we really have more than one reader? I don't even think our mom reads our "Dancing With the Stars" recaps! 

What did you think of the show tonight? Who's going home?

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