Wednesday, April 27, 2011

‘Dancing with the Stars’: Who Was Eliminated?

Last night’s DWTS prominently featured Hanson. This week’s elimination show opens with an unholy New Kids on the Block / Backstreet Boys alliance.
Oh, sorry, that’s “NKTOBSB” to you. (We don’t understand why there’s a B missing.)
Yeah, whatever. (Don’t get it twisted. We’re no snobs. We’re huge *NSYNC fans. Also, it’s 2011.) And um… someone is wearing a wallet chain. We’re done here.
This week’s filler: another performance of Kendra’s sizzling samba (no surprise there), a long montage with the other dancers who aren’t stars and a sweet, if sentimental, little dance number about featuring couples of varying ages. And oh, a montage of the contestants talking about how… they want to win. I know. Imagine. Related: there is no need for this show to be an hour long, ABC.
Safe this week: Romeo, Chelsea, Hines, Kirstie, the four highest-scoring couples. Last to be declared safe: Kendra.
In this week’s danger zone: Ralph and Chris.
Sent home: Chris Jericho.

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