Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hanson is a Guilty Pleasure on 'Dancing With the Stars'

April 26, 2011 09:40 PM EDT
Hanson handled their appearance on Dancing With the Stars last night with the same star power they have always shown while on stage. Sure, they looked older (make that, more mature) but they were still as engaging as ever.
And while the music of this pop trio is not for everyone's taste, it may just well be their guilty pleasure, which also happens to be the theme of this week's Dancing With the Stars. In fact, Hanson was the perfect choice as these brothers crooned throughout the show to prove. For sure, even though these guys have been around for more than a decade, Hanson is still popular with young and old alike.
The band started with their familiar MmmBop and then continued as the house band throughout the performance show on Monday night. In fact, during Dancing With the Stars, Isaac, Taylor and Zac gave diverse performances, doing everything from a cover of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby to the Billy Ray Cyrus hit Achy Breaky Heart.
With that being said, did you see Hanson on Dancing With the Stars last night? Did you enjoy what this famous singing trio of brothers had to offer? Will you watch tonight when Hanson is back on Dancing With the Stars with their latest single called Give a Little?

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