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Karina Smirnoff Falls! DWTS Season 12 Week 6

Another week, another fall on Dancing With the Stars. Is our true Guilty Pleasure that we secretly love this kind of drama? As long as no one gets hurt, it makes for an interesting night, no?

Blame the blasted coat. Poor Karina Smirnoff tripped over partner Ralph Macchio’s Paso Doble costume in the final dance of Season 12, Week 6. But Ralph pulled her up and got her back on track. We knew we adored him for a reason!

Not to obsess, but this is feeling very Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy after Maks’ fall and Kirstie’s shoe-related wardrobe malfunction — and Maks and Karina were once engaged. That’s the only real connection, but we’re running with it.

By the way, happy birthday, Len Goodman! Not many 67-year-olds get (free) private table dances from the likes of Kendra Wilkinson. You would’ve thought it was Bruno Tonioli’s birthday by the way he reacted to Kendra’s sexy Samba — but we knew after last week that Bruno was desperately in need of some guilty pleasure of his own.

Ultimately judge Carrie Ann Inaba was in the most generous mood, flashing her 10 paddle twice on Guilty Pleasures Week. Romeo Miller ended up getting the first 10 of the season for his Titanic Waltz and Chelsea Kane followed right behind with a sunshiny Quickstep. The two stars tied atop the judges’ leaderboard with 28 points out of 30, while Chris Jericho got tangled in his Tango with a score of only 22. Will he have to stop believin’ tomorrow?

Read on for a full recap of Week 6:

Hanson performs — The now just-about-grown-up trio started the night by singing “MmmBop.” Taylor Hanson is giving us a bit of a Derek Hough vibe, despite the suspenders. Are we alone here? DWTS pros Lacey Schwimmer and Tony Dovolani danced — and did an impressive flip move — accompanied by the DWTS Troupe. It’s like Results Night already! How much you wanna bet “MmmBop” will be in our heads for at least the next week?

Hanson … again — Just for a few seconds, before Kirstie & Maks danced, Hanson sang a tiny bit of Lionel Richie’s “Hello.” They kept doing things like that all night. Hey, if they have to be there anyway, they might as well keep working. Make them sing all the songs! Later, they did portions of “Achy Breaky Heart” and “Cum On Feel the Noize.”

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy — Samba to "Hit Me Baby One More Time” — During rehearsals, he got impatient with her and she got frustrated with him and herself. It was only a matter of time before they sparred, but this is not even an actual fight. Will they fight when they have to do two dances? Just hit him, baby, one more time! She got to lay her head in his lap, though. The best part of the Samba was probably when Maks pointed to his own bouncing bubble butt. Len Goodman seems to be in a good mood for his b-day because he said Kirstie finally fulfilled her potential. “Right up my alley.” Bruno Tonioli got up and did his hip shaking, saying she delivered the most natural Brazilian north of Rio. Carrie Ann Inaba said, just like Britney, Kirstie is back. Maks shaved his scruff. He’s always hot, but the scruff looked good. Scores: 8, 9, 9 = 26 out of 30.

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke — Tango to "Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey — Chris is the lead singer in a rock ‘n’ roll band. They’ve toured the world 10 times? During rehearsals, Chris was over-thinking things and getting upset. So we’re at the point in the season where everyone is getting upset about everything. Fun! Their dominatrix outfits don’t really match the song or the story … or the Tango. The Tango is an amazing dance, but this one felt forced. By the way, this is our first Tango of the season and no one did one of those “This is how the Tango should look” examples. Bruno said Chris picked a rock theme, but he turned into a lump of granite out there. It was cold, uneventful, and lumpy. And Bruno did a weird impression of Chris, in case he wasn’t insulted enough. Carrie Ann thought the pressure got to Chris and he wasn’t having fun. It wasn’t exciting. Len said the Tango isn’t a fun dance, it’s a passionate dance. It did lack intensity, though. But overall Len said they did a great job. It should be his birthday every week! Scores: 7, 8, 7 = 22 out of 30.

Romeo & Chelsie Hightower — Waltz to "My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion — Romeo was 8 when he first saw Titanic? Man, we feel old. Romeo is a romantic and with this dance he wants to show people that, with love, all thing are possible. He also wants a 9 or a 10. The smoke machine is back! We should name it. The dance looked technically good, but it felt a little detached, emotionally, even though he kissed her in the end. (Kirstie redux!) Carrie Ann said the dance was magical. She was completely transported. So she felt the opposite. (Oh well!) Len thought it had a romance about it and it was touching. Bruno called him Romeo DiCaprio and said his ship will sail on and on. Scores: 28 out of 30. Carrie Ann gave them the first 10 of the season!

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas — Quickstep to "Walkin’ on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves — Chelsea is pretending she isn’t ambitious and doesn’t want to be the best. Not buying it. She won Mark’s water fight and she’s been saying in interviews that she wants Mark to find a good balance between his creative choreography and what the judges want because she does want to win. Mark had a dress rehearsal injury. He twisted his ankle toward the end of the rehearsal routine. Len said they managed to fuse high energy with control. Bruno said it was so bright and luminous he’s getting a suntan. He spotted a minor error that no one else saw. Carrie Ann said sometimes magic happens twice, which was a hint that she was going to give another 10. Scores: 10, 9, 9 = 28 out of 30.

Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel — Samba to "Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin — Louis wants this to be Kendra’s week, since it’s about booty-shaking and that’s her thing. She definitely shakes it in her teeny yellow costume, with little braids in her hair. She even got on the judges’ table to work it, which Len and Bruno seemed to love. Happy b-day, Len! Carrie Ann said “That was a guilty pleasure, my dear.” Len almost had palpitations and he indulged one of his own guilty pleasures by looking up her skirt on the table. Then Bruno completely lost it, going on about her killer boobs, leaning back and saying he and Kendra should just do it now. Too far, Bruno! Simma down. Scores: 8, 8, 9 = 25 out of 30.

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson — Viennese Waltz to "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men — Hines practices getting romantic with a pillow, kissing it instead of Kym. Kiss Kym! But how is this a guilty pleasures song? It’s just a normal good song. Len said Hines is becoming the MVP, the Most Valued Partner. Every dance he does is great and has great musicality. But he’s a bit flat-footed. Bruno said the chemistry Hines has with Kym is flawless. “You’re made for each other.” (Agreed!) Carrie Ann said she saw something strange in the beginning, like he was thinking about the dance instead of letting it flow. (Romeo seemed to have that look in his dance, but he got a 10.) Scores: 9, 9, 9 = 27 out of 30.

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff — Paso Doble to "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" by C+C Music Factory — Ralph is trying to find a way to be sexy, since he can’t pull a Maks with the shirt and the pleather pants, etc. They do some Karate Kid moves in rehearsals. Karina fell at one point in the dance, tripping over Ralph’s cape. Her cape was long, too. Enough with the long capes, they are just begging to be tripped over! Bruno said there was “an incident” and it was hard for them to recover, but he felt the intensity. Carrie Ann said Mr. Miyagi would be proud of Ralph for getting back up. Len said he’s going to congratulate Ralph for pulling Karina up. He got her back on her feet. “I’m proud of you, you should be proud of yourself.” Yay! Scores: 8, 8, 8 = 24 out of 30.

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