Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hanson performs from ‘Shout it Out’ on Dancing with the Stars special (Video)

Hanson returned to Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday night to perform during the Dancing with the Stars: The Road to the Finals on ABC. A preshow that gave a glimpse behind the scores, the group gave the audience a great performance. The group that was seen on Monday night and played during the commercial break intro’s and exits plus played ‘MmmBop’ definitely didn’t disappoint when they returned to perform once again for Tuesday night’s Guilty Pleasures week during the special show of the night
The evening program immediately had the Dancing with the Stars kicking off the evening right away with the music of the group, even before the contestants were announced. Considered a guilty pleasure of the 1990’s, the group had everyone on their feet after the performance as they once again impressed.
While the group was singing, the Dancing with the Stars troupe took to the floor to dance in perfect pairs. Sharing just how magical the evening is when dance and live music game together, the intertwining of the two brought a unique excitement to the special show,
Hanson had sold over 10 million records worldwide and had 8 top 40 singles in the UK and 6 top 40 singles in the US. The band now records under its own label, 3CG Records.
According to Tom Bergeron, the ‘Shout it out’ is available digitally. 

to watch the video, click here.

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